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Non-validated app build - week 1 update

I started my first build in public project with this post. I have made some progress and wanted to share.


A good place to start is what have I achieved so far and what I still have to do:

  • [x] Experimenting with the APIs and UI block builder to determine the user interactions.
  • [x] Started to build out the backend for the slack command.
  • [ ] Work out how customers can pay, I was surprised to find Slack doesn't handle this for a cut.
  • [ ] Finalise how everything is going to work.
  • [ ] Complete API build.
  • [ ] Testing!

How I'm building it

As I mentioned in my previous post I'm building this on Slack so I'll only need to create an API to get it working. Later I'll need to build a landing page for it to try and get some search traffic, I'm assuming most of the customers will come from the Slack app store.

To keep costs low I'm using the Serverless framework with AWS Lambda (Node) and DynamoDB. I'm familiar with this stack so no learning curve for the most part, I have started with Jest for tests as there is a DynamoDB extension which will make testing much easier. I'm not an expert but feel free to reach out if you need a hand!


  • I'm very much at the experimentation stage at the moment, I have never worked with the Slack API before.
  • I feel like I'm over-engineering everything for the experimentation stage, I just need to be more hacky and try stuff out.
  • My 2 week target still seems achievable.
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    I have no idea why the check boxes are broken here, I copy and pasted the example ones and they didn't work either...

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