Product Development May 16, 2020

Not a coder, never going to be one? Here's how I continue to earn my place on my team

Saul Fleischman @osakasaul

The boys in Prague just made it possible to embed a Link Ad in a page hosted on the domain and give the user a link to share in emails, social, etc. Whatever to do with this...?

Well, that gobbledeegook in the last sentence is not consumer-friendly. So, it's up to me to market this as "How to advertise on any Snapchat account without paying for Snapchat ads" and to do a demonstration, and record a video tutorial, and do a help page for all this.

Here's the help page, actually try the Tweet in it and then, click the in the tweet to understand what's going on (and see me selling with the ad):

So, I ask you, when the programmers build something and give you the tech explanation of what it accomplishes, could you reword that into something people would understand (and want, enough to pay for it)? Well, then that would earn you your seat at the table with them - since they hate doing that.