Not a "giveaway" but a "give back" - help me clarify

Hey everyone,

I've been bouncing around an idea for RoastorToast.io. We've been growing slowly but surely and it's a lot of fun. I'm seeing more and more ways to support the founder community and it's helping me get out of my imposter syndrome shell.

I have been thinking about conducting a "give-back" event where instead of creating an event where I give $1000 away to a single startup, I instead take $1000 and use that to become a paying customer to products that are submitted.

I was wondering if anyone could help me create some loose guidelines. So far I've been asked or thought of the following questions:

  • Are you going to cancel after a month?: I don't know yet. If I don't have a use for the product but it is really great, then maybe I'll pay for a year in advance and cancel after that. I don't want to increase the churn rate

  • what if it's an expensive product? Over $100/mo: Still don't know the answer. I want to support startups; some may need it more than others.

  • How will we determine who gets us as a customer?: I guess it would depend on who submits during this event. After that, probably just who catches our eye.

If you don't mind, throw some questions, suggestions, or anything down below. Thanks IH!

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    I don't have any further questions to add other than what you mention in the post, but I do congratulate you in getting this over the line so quickly. Been watching your progress.

    Talking about shipping is one thing, actually getting your idea live and over the line is something else, especially in such a short period of time.

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      Programming/building is the easy part IMO. Growing and sustaining...that's where the fun begins haha

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    How can you not purchase the product to review it? Or is this in addition to that? One thing you could try is giving away 3 memberships or purchases to a site that you are reviewing in exchange for them answering a questionnaire about the product that you could incorporate into your review. Or give away 3 paid for memberships for any sites that score above an 80. Then that would get more people to read the review as well.
    You'd have to figure out the logistics of that though.

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      Some products have free trials but I'm hoping to just purchase a product with my own funds.

      I do like the idea of having a well-known product like monday.com or something like that and giving away a membership to their service; I think I'll do that next. This time I wanted to focus on giving cold hard cash to founders.

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