Not another Black Friday deal

We're all getting slammed with emails.

We're all getting slammed with offers.

Buy. Buy. Buy. That's all we're hearing.

So if you want to stand out on a day like this, shouting "buy buy buy" won't work.

It's also a day when everyone who sells something wants to have the spotlight shined on them. Hoping they can stand out.

Well if there's one thing that doesn't work on a day like this. It's that.

So we decided to turn the table on Black Friday. To put other people in the spotlight.

People who know Hypefury and me know that Twitter is where we live. And on Twitter, there are lots of different niches. With their own etiquette. Their own jargon. Their own rules.

We wanted to combine the best of the most popular Twitter niches and what's hot right now. NFT's.

That's why we created a limited edition NFT collection to celebrate the creators, the OG, in those niches.

Here are the niches and their NFT's:

1. Money Twitter

Cold showers, raw eggs, daily workout, 20 min meditation, and a lot of action is the trademark of Money twitter.

Here's a badass one 👇

money twitter

2. Fitness Twitter

They teach people how to broaden their shoulders, widen their chest, and improve posture.
While eating correct, fat to fit transformations and training legs :P.

fitness twitter

3. Tech Twitter

Tell me one thing, is HTML really a programming language? :P JK

Tech Twitter's community is phenomenal!
The starter kits, cheat sheets, algos and whatnot. We thought of creating a techy nerd eagle NFT

tech twitter

4. Creator Twitter

These folks are multitalented!
They can make you laugh, entertain, troll, and teach you something at the same time.

Kudos to all creators!

creator twitter

5. Build in public Twitter

This community by far the most transparent.
Failures, life lessons, tips, journey everything is shared publicly on a daily basis.

build in public twitter

6. Crypto Twitter

The economy with cash is degrading and everyone is now into crypto!
Coins, Coins Coins everywhere.

I would suggest grabbing these NFTs real quick because they aren't gonna HODL!

crypto twitter

7. Startup Twitter (IH FTW)

Startup Twitter is more than "Execution is everything" and "Startup Idea:- Tinder for...." xD I think this place, Indiehackers, is at the heart of startup Twitter.

build in prublic twitter

8 . Writing Twitter

Very supportive community with non-ending enthusiasm and optimism.
If you're in here, you'll lose imposter syndrome!

It's just positivity, positivity, positivity.

writing twitter

The collection is called Hyped Eagles Club

We also wanted to put the spotlight on aspiring creators. People who're at the beginning of their creator career. Of their sharing in public career.

So everyone who nominates an “OG” can also win an NFT. An “Aspiring Eagle”.

aspiring eagles

The artwork was done in about a week.

We got into contact with a bunch of designers on Upwork and asked for an initial sketch. Based on the initial sketch we quickly knew who would be the best fit for our brand.

Next, we looked at what attributes are a good fit for a specific niche. Asked to have them added to the character and we were pretty much done. Normally, when you have NFT collections that run in the thousands that's done with an algo. But because this was such a limited edition NFT collection and we wanted to create NFT's specifically for a niche we added the attributes manually.

NFT creation

The NFT's still have to be created. We looked at the Ethereum blockchain and the Solana blockchain. It's easier to get an NFT on the Eth network but it's a lot more expensive.

Both in creating an NFT and in transferring it (gas prizes) so, that's why we decided to create the NFT's on the Solana network.

I'm now knee-deep into Visual Studio, Metaplex, Nashlips, and Candy Machine so I can create the NFT's before the actual giveaway. I'm not a dev but I'm pretty confident that with the tutorial I'm following I can create them 🙈

If I can't make it work there's a pretty big community out there that can help.

Distribution of the Black Friday Giveaway

We created a Twitter thread for each niche. That was it was easy for people to respond to a specific niche. But having 8 threads floating around on Twitter at the same time is pretty strange so we also bundled them in a "master thread" that linked to all the niche-specific threads.

We shared it in our Telegram groups. Emailed a bunch of people the link to the "master thread" and we're engaging with people who respond.

So far it's going great. Hundreds of people have responded and nominated their favorite creators. We're getting a lot of positive feedback about this.

The funny thing is that when we were working on it the entire team actually also WANTED to win. (We can't of course) but the fact that we were so thrilled about the process made this a win for us already. People have reached out to create a version for them specifically. People tell us they WANT to win. It's already been great for us.

If you're on Twitter and want to check out the thread, maybe tag one of your favorite creators (and win?), visit this link and check it out!

Our most important learning is that in this time of attention-grabbing it's really important to stand out. Yes, giving 50% discount on your product works but if you want to build a brand that people are gonna love for the next decade, standing out like this is priceless.

  1. 1

    This was a different kind of experience.😍

    Cheers to Hypefury!🥂

  2. 1

    I absolutely loved being a part of this!!

    The NFTs, process, handcrafting everything was superb.

    More to come 🎉🎉💣

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