Not everybody is your early adopter.

Getting early feedback is crucial for a product’s success. But most founders make mistakes when it comes to identifying the right early adopters.

Early adopters are the people who

▪️ appreciate and understand new technology, product vision
▪️ look for exclusive early benefits/discounts
▪️ actively look for early trials and beta sign-ups
▪️ do not rely on well-established references when it comes to buying decisions
▪️ do not mind inevitable bugs and glitches in the product
▪️ will be willing to use a product that isn’t complete

While it may be really tempting to use your existing network/connections as early adopters, it’s important to remember that only the right audience can help you attain PMF.

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    Good point. It's also so crucial to find the right "early adopters" at the right stage of the product, some like it super-edgy so that they can report bugs. Others want it more reliable but still not super-polished.

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