Not sure if I have product-market fit

I'm building a Saas to help startup founders hire software developers. To get an idea of what the product does, here's the landing page https://usetrip.xyz

Now my question is, as a startup founder would you just want the coding challenge or would you want more of an Applicant Tracking System? I really feel like an ATS would provide more value, considering I'm going to be adding templates for culture-fit interviews on my app, which tests how well the candidate would fit in with your company.

My mind is racing and I'm not able to focus on anything because of this issue, I really need help.

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    Product fit you know after ppl start using it and if you need to ask than you don't have it, when you do you're all out putting out fires to keep serving customers

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      I'm intrigued. What's your experience been with ATSes?

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        No experience with ATS thus far, but a coding challenge doesn't sound like the best way to find early developers -- since the main thing you want to know is what they've built so far.

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    What's going to be special both things have many current providers

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      I was hoping to combine these features and offer them under one app

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        Who is the persona your shooting for? what size startups? how many positions do they recruit for? how long is their process? (both steps and time-wise) How many people would they have in the pipeline at one time? how would be the one managing the pipeline?...

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          Fair enough it's not a good enough value prop.

          Another way I could go about is to offer a well defined hiring process to early stage founders, as they are much less likely to have it and that can lead to bad hires.

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            offer a well defined hiring process to early stage founders

            This starts sounding like a thing of value

            As my other question around persona, who are you targeting? is this a non-technical hiring their 1st techie/co-founder? or further team?...

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              Technical founders really believe that they can hire developers on their own so it'll have to be non technical founders hiring their first techie.

              I have to make sure I'm actually saving their time, money and effort so they'll rely on this process for their next hires too and won't need a recruiter/HR person for most of these tasks.

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                That's the weird thing about this focus, won't the 1st hire be co-founder/CTO/ some technical lead, that would be responsible for further hiring or at least a main filter for the technical part of the next hire? to me that sounds like 99%-100% of the cases, do you see it going any way different?

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                  Thank you for all your help btw it means the world to me

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                  Yeah that definitely sounds like the most probable scenario. But Early stage tech hires, cofounder also have a lot of A lot of work to do. I have a friend who's CTO in an early stage startup and has hired 3 tech interns. I asked him how his experience was and he only had negative things to say.

                  I can definitely research on this topic more

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                    hired 3 tech interns

                    I'd not ask "how?" I'd ask "why?" and "would you do that again or recommend anyone else to?"

                    yea I guess going through his process might provide insights
                    you want to find if there are low hanging fruits, on things that take a long time and could be reduced

                    but I personally also am wary about going for the customers that already seems like they are trying to penny-pinch as they might not buy anything further or always claim it's too expensive

                    You need to also understand if in the process of say a first-time tech lead trying to hire, do they even search for products/services at all, or just get it after...

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    Your landingspage doesn’t work for me right now.

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      What error does it give? Did you try refreshing?

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