Note taking apps

What’s your fav note taking app?

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    As @gordon already mentioned he pretty much asked the same questions couple of weeks ago, and the post got a lot of great suggestions, so definitely check that out.

    But since I love it so much I will say it again: Workflowy is a crazy good tool for super quick note-taking. On top of that you can also use it as a project management or task management tool, keeping everything super lightweight and simple to use.

    At the core it is an outliner app, which makes it super fast to use. Recently I have read somewhere on the web that Workflowy is also planning on implement backlinks (just like Roam) which will make it even more powerful.

    If you are struggling to find the right note-taking tool for yourself I highly recommend checking out this article by @anthilemoon How to choose the right note-taking app.

    Also, I would like to use the chance and plug my weekly newsletter Creativerly which features creativity and productivity-boosting tools and resources. I am a sucker for productivity software and always try to gather news and information about tools which help you build up a better workflow. This is the most recent issue 79 | How to choose the right note-taking app & An online desktop for organizing your digital life

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      Awesome newsletter @philipptemmel – just signed up! Looking forward to reading future issues. If you think Supernotes would be a good fit, would be great to be part of it!

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        Thank you @tobeagram for signing up to Creativerly, it means a lot.

        I already shared Supernotes with my Readers back in Issue 62 of Creativerly. Since you are pushing the product a lot, I am likely to share it again with some updates.

        Would it be ok for you if I contact you through Twitter to talk about something I have in mind? 👀

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          Ahh ahead of the game @philipptemmel! Great to hear Supernotes was shared in an earlier issue.

          Would love to have Supernotes shared again and hear what you have in mind, feel free to ping me on my twitter.

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      🙏 Useful info! Thanks for sharing Creativerly, signed up!

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        Thank you so much @sxsio I really appreciate it!

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    Supernotes ⚡️

    I am building it with @acnebs. It's very different from conventional note-taking apps, as everything is based around a note-card format, which are themselves taggable, nestable and linkable (yes bi-directional links!).

    Supernotes is also collaborative, so you can share just one note-card with a friend / colleague or all of them in one go – and them like, comment and edit together.

    If you like Google Keep and want something a bit more powerful give it a go – would love to hear feedback from fellow Indie Hackers!

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      Great idea and super slick site, just signed up!

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    Notion / Relanote for private notes.
    Started note taking in public with a self hosted gatsby site.

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      Ohhhh sounds interesting. I'd love to see it :)

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        There are a few bugs but the map is usable. Let me know what you think!

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          Looks great @aaditya!

          Also checked out some of your other projects - really impressed by all the activity.

          Keep up the good work!

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            Thanks for the kind words! Means a lot.

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          Thanks for sharing! 👍

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    Google Keep. For anything longer or more complex than typical short notes I use Google Docs.

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    Apple notes app. For its simplicity.

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      This is what I use atm, quick and simple

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      Same here, It could be a little more sophisticated but it’s good enough to stick with it

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        It's a bit better now on BigSur/ios14 :)

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    Maybe you can find our startup OrgPad helpful. It allows writing notes, organizing tasks, documents, organizing study materials, creating beautiful presentations in a few clicks, and much much more. Our vision is to move all future work into OrgPad and greatly simplify everything. People want to think in terms of topics, and not in terms of apps and tools, and OrgPad enables this type of work.

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      ^^ This is the one!!

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    I' m using Notion for two months and it' s awesome. You should check it out.

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    Hi @sxsio. I made a similar post a few weeks back and asked the IH community about their favourite note taking apps. I aggregated the results in this post here. I am sure there will be some new suggestions here, but thought you might find this useful.

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      🙏 Thanks Gordon! Wasn’t aware of this!? Super valuable summary!

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    Notion. Love the minimal & versatile approach. Hate the performance 😅

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      😂 That's one of the reasons why I built Supernotes – we've got almost all interactions down to 100ms.

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    Notion is the best by far!

    Took me a while to figure out what all the fuss was about

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      Im still struggling with figuring out a system for myself. The learning curve is a bit brutal

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    I user Google Keep. I t allows me to curate my every note categorically. There is also microsofts's Sticky notes. Evernote is also a good option.

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    Evernote. Only one and always has been.

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    I am super biased here, but I'd recommend signing for beta of an app we're building – Sagenote.app. You can us markdown for quick formatting (it's standard these days anyway), our UI is simple, the whole app is built for speed, and it's super important to help our users to focus on their writings.

    On top of that, we connect your notes to bookmarks (and much more in this area) + give users a way how to "learn in public" by publishing your working notes, if that's their thing.

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    For people into note taking, I'd highly recommend checking out Tiago Forte's Build a second brain course: https://www.buildingasecondbrain.com/

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    Because it's keyboard centric, Checkvist.com I my choice. It does nested lists like Workflowy, but has so much more. Notes, attachments, and makdown just to name a few. They even integrate with Google calendar and you can add tasks/notes by email or web clipper. The only thing missing is timely notifications.

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    One of the big reasons I dont use anything other than apples app is I am not confident in the privacy others provide.

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    I can;t believe all the "products" listed here.... geezz

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    hands down = Notion.so

    I also use Evernote for capturing web pages, content, links, images etc - the web clipper is 2nd to none

    I used to use CODA but have migrated to Notion

    I'm going to review ROAM RESEARCH cuz a friend is sold on it

    I have Dynalist and Workflowy accounts. Love the Focus IN feature

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    I created Minutes for Meeting minutes notes for iOS --> https://minutes.dynamiteapps.io

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    I built Scrilys with long form writing in mind so it's geared towards book writing but I wonder if there is a note taking use case as well? Would be curious to hear anyones thoughts:


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      This is great! I’d explore note taking, seems to be a lot of demand. See if you can incorporate much of what others raised here as benefits. Hope this helps!

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        Thanks! You gave me hope. I'll look into it :D

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    Paper and pen :) (seriously)

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      Wow, this is interesting! Thanks for sharing

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    I use Marktext (https://marktext.app/).
    Great note taking app with markdown support.

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    Pen and paper - I know this is considered outrageous by many!

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      😆 was waiting for this to show up! No doubt we all use it to some extent

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    Haven't seen it being mentioned so here it is:

    • Free and opensource
    • Cssable
    • Tags, Notepads (like categories) and sub notepads
    • Embed images and files
    • Markdown
    • Revisions of notes
    • Mobile (android, iphone), linux,mac, windows and even command line apps
    • Sync via Dropbox, WebDav
    • End to End encryption if you want
    • Api for your local instance, if you want to do something programmatically
    • Developers are active and responsive both on their forum and github

    There is probably more, but those things are the things that made me switch from some 6+ other note taking apps in the past

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      Thanks for sharing, lots to like!

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    Complete bias here, but it has to be Under Cloud.

    I see people mentioning bi-directional linking, and that's something the Under Cloud is built around as a core approach to creating narratives of the learning and note taking process.

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      Smart project, assuming you built this?

      1. 1

        I have.

        Loving the product development. Loathing the business development.

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          I hear ya! Nice landing page, I tried to signup via Twitter but am getting a page not found error?

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    I have been using Evernote for 6 years, but have recently started using more and more Relanote. It is still in an early phase, but it is a really promising project. I’m waiting for them to implement import from Evernote to move all my olde notes. The app offers bi-directional links, graph view, encryption, sharing notes, web version and more.


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    Google Keep for simple and small stuff, Coda.io for complicated stuff

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    I have been an Evernote user for years now that it's basically been my note repository for everything!

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    Another vote for Google Keep here.
    I was hoping to be able to integrate it with a system I am in the process of building to be able to generate a Keep checklist, but apparently there's no API for it :(

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    I am building https://gemsnotes.app/ as a frustrated Internet user.

    There are many note-taking apps out there, but none of them really helped me so far to face some of the most common problems that affect my daily Internet browsing: information overload, cognitive biases and the difficulty to convert all those valuable sources available into lasting learning and eventually create new personal content. So I am working on an end-to-end solution for continuous learning and creation.

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      Cool project, signed up!

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    I started using Todoist, and even bought the premium version for a year. Still I find myself going back to just good old Apple Notes for almost everything, except for larger projects for which there's Trello. So yeah I'm likely ditching Todoist at the end of the year.

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    I’m a big fan of Bear. Been my go to for 3 years now.

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      I have bear as well. I like it. Syncs to all my devices and it just works.

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      Found out about this recently, really like it

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        It’s super clean and minimal!

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    Lately I've been moving things to Apple Reminders and separating a project into sub folders. It's working quite nicely and less overwhelming than a big list.

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    Quick note/ draft - https://write.as/ dark mode

    Content/ blogging (pre-publish) - Notion

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    I have been toying with all kinds of note taking apps. This is now my "workflow".

    • Notability on iPad to create hand written notes.
    • Notion for notes that are like permant and I need to store forever. Kind of like blog posts to myself.
    • A custom simple webapp for daily simple notes to myself. Things I need to copy paste or things I did that day. Those kinds of things.
    • And sometimes Bear. Really don't know why.
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    I've tried many, many, and many more note apps, but Notion is by far the best for me!

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    https://standardnotes.org/ - Supports multiple devices and is end to end encrypted.

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      Hadn’t heard of this, checking out 👍

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    Notion - works for both devices (PC, Web, and Android), offline support, and shareable pages.

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    I often use Notes on MacOS.
    Since I can freely note things, and sync between my laptop and phone

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    Microsoft OneNote. Very straight forward usage and works on all devices. It's also hard to beat the price ($0)

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