Notion API Beta is Open. What are you going to build?

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    I built a blog example using Notion, Next.js and Vercel. There are a few examples out there already but they all use the private API.

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    We launched the Notion integration for Tally (simplest way to create forms). You can now sync form responses to your Notion database, which opens up a whole world of new possibilities:

    • Capture leads with a contact form and sync them to your Notion CRM
    • Collect product feedback with a Tally form and sync submissions to Notion
    • Build a newsletter or podcast landing page and collect email addresses, speaker suggestions, and sponsorships
    • Build a fundraiser page and collect donations

    Listed some examples and templates here: https://blog.tally.so/sync-form-responses-to-notion/

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    My girlfriend uses notion for her business so I build her website with notion as the data source. Fetch data on build and export a static site.

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    Built an email capture landing page on Next.js that hooks up with Notion :)


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      Wow. This is awesome. It could be a replacement for tools like Formspree

      1. 1

        Glad you like it! I welcome any ideas on how to expand it. :)

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    Hacked a little Twitter bookmarking service with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX_5z1eyKCs

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      Skipping out Readwise from the chain of apps. Sweet idea!

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        Thanks @farez. Do sign up for beta and let us know what features you would like to see. We will keep you posted on the progress.

        1. 1

          Sorry ignore that, we see you signed up for beta. Thanks !

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      I like the idea of mocking from Notion. It sounds easy for the end user. Do you want to monetize it or it'll be a free tool?

      1. 1

        Eventually yes, but for start I'm planning to make it free and gather as much feedback as possible.

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    I'm trying to integrate notion to Dokkamp

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      Keep us updated about how are you doing it!

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    This is what we are thinking: A tool that helps you better see what's going on in your development workflow inside Notion: https://www.notionflow.co/
    I'd really appreciate feedback on website or even the idea.

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    Who would like to connect their GitHub and Notion? https://www.notionflow.co/

    Let me know if you like the idea.

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    I'm connecting bank transactions to Notion: https://www.notionbanksync.com/

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