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Notion Template: MVP Ideation and Planning Framework [Looking for Feedback]

Hello Folks,

My purpose is to create best actionable open source MVP framework for every product builders

I have made 2 failed products a long time before and then worked as a product head at an early stage startup for a year.

Now again back to building something on my own. This time difference is I am not making same mistakes I made earlier.

I am using this framework for myself (For my upcoming product) and want to see how much it can help others as well.

This framework aims to help you

  • Close the gaps in your product thinking,
  • Gain clarity on your own product for better communication
  • Plan better
  • Save a lot of time working in wrong direction.

Duplicate the templet to use it

Comment your initial thoughts on this. Problems you are facing while planning, etc. Anything relevant. That would help make this really valuable.

For feedback on framework, I've enabled commenting on notion or you can connect with me on twitter: https://twitter.com/Api42_

✉️ DMs Open to discuss anything.

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    If you could tag someone who might benefit from this. Please do. I'll highly appreciate.

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