Now We're Vlogging!

So we've decided to start shooting some videos.


For one, we want to help others with their own startups. This is a core part of our mentality. We're going through the startup process on a daily basis and taking any help we can get. If we can do the same for others then that's fantastic.

Not many people go into the actual nuts-and-bolts of their business. Rather, they speak in generalities. We want to provide a window for others to see what it's like and the problems we're dealing with.

Also, having a video log of our activities is generally helpful for us. It enables us to collect and organize our thoughts. It is also a great reference for when you have a problem down the line.

What are we using the videos for?

We didn't really know when we started. We just figured we'd start talking about things and later we'd find a more purposeful use within our own business.

Thanks to a few articles and an Indie Tubers meetup hosted by John from Yen, we have a better idea.

Ultimately they'll work their way into our site to help us forge a better relationship with our customers. To paraphrase John, video content is the quickest way to make a connection with people. I feel that telling our story in this way brings a sense of authenticity that you wouldn't otherwise be able to get. Rather than trying to craft a brand voice, use a video.

So, we'll see where this goes! We're getting better and quicker with each video so it's not such a time-suck moving forward. Hopefully it will help one or two people down the line and maybe it'll even lead to some of our first customers.

If you want to follow along you can find us here: Channel

And if you're thinking of playing around with video...do it! Yes, you'll be terrible at first (I mean we're still terrible) but you'll get better.

Thanks again to the Indie Tubers Hangout:

"Everyone started somewhere."
"Start now and get the crap out of the way."


  1. 1

    LOVE IT!

    and that .gif is painful to watch...

    1. 2

      That technology atrocities committed in that office are unfathomable...

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