Nutrition Expert looking for co-founder to take advantage of a $30 billion industry

Hello everyone,

What I'm Looking For:
I'm looking for a 50/50 founding partner. My expertise is nutrition - I'm a registered dietitian who works everywhere from COVID-19 ICUs to onset diabetes educations. I desperately need the other half of this operation: a developer.

The Product-to-be:
I'm looking to build an all-in-one software/web app that will be sold to consumers, practitioners (such as other dietitians/nutritionists), and corporations. The software will do a dietitian's job automatically. It will assess caloric needs, individualize macronutrient distribution, and allow the user to create or select customized meal plans using drag-and-drop calendar technology. Then the software will calculate everything and even compile an integrated grocery list.

Let's see if we can build something amazing together.

DM me on Twitter - @JoshWestRD

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    Hey Josh I'm working on something similar, lets connect and discuss.

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      Just sent you an email, thanks!

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    Hi Josh, I would be interested doing something like this under conditions you described. Can we discuss it a bit more into the details? What would be MVP, time frame, where are you from and what would be to your expectations first target market?

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      MVP is a barebones web app that gets the calculations correct with minimum recipe options. Building a database of recipes could take a while, but this will be difficult. The time frame is unknown - I have a full-time job as a clinical dietitian - this would just be a side gig working 10-20 hrs per week. First target market - I'm already reaching out to other RDs that I know, hoping that a product like this would spread like wildfire to the nutrition/health communities via word of mouth/online communities. I'm from Texas btw. Appreciate the interest!

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    @jwest8 Hi Josh, Im happy to help with creating the web application. Do you have budget?

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      Hello mmd, actually these is no budget - kind of just looking to make something with as close to zero overhead as possible. Thanks for your response!

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