Nutshell Live, Saas for live session, ask for the landing page feedbacks from IH Community 🔥

Hello IH Community,

I'm here to ask for feedbacks and thoughts on our new landing page. It might not be perfect now, but we believe it could be better with the feedbacks from the awesome IH Community!


Nutshell Live is a SaaS that helps people host a live session with ease.
And we would love to know the feedbacks of following aspects:

  1. Is it clear for you to know the problem and the solution we provided from the landing page?
  2. How do the visuals look?
  3. Anything we could add / remove to make it better

Much appreciate for the time! 🙏

  1. 2

    Is it clear for you to know the problem and the solution we provided from the landing page?

    How do the visuals look?
    Basic Tailwind stuff - it all looks the same tbh!

    Anything we could add / remove to make it better
    Talk to an expert button actually does nothing?
    Make the copy more fun/interesting, otherwise people will just use the biggest competitor they can google for!

    1. 1

      Hi orliesaurus,

      Appreciate for the feedback, we will work on adding more personality on the design and the "Talk to an expert" button will trigger our Intercom afterward.

      A more interesting copy is a good point, maybe we focus too much on explaining the features.

      Thanks for the time and have a nice day 🙏

  2. 2

    Good landing page for starting, for answering your question

    1. Yes its clear
    2. The design is not ugly but it lacks personality it is too simple.
    3. Make it more interactif its too static, you should check ghost website https://ghost.org/
    1. 1

      Hi Matteo,

      yes it's still a basic design now, we will definitely working on it afterward. And a more interactive website is a good point as well.

      Thanks for the time and the feedback 🙏

  3. 2

    For me it looks like it could be a good product but like you say the page needs work.

    I suggest you try to be more concise and more direct in your copy

    For example:

    "We believe we could bring your community to the next level."

    could be :

    *Raise your community to the next level".

    I can see why go for a dark hero background but then the product image doesn't really stand out.

    I also think this may be a better hero title:

    "We take care of everything to host a live session."

    Overall imo you have the essence of a good page there but your copy needs to be tighter. Remember that often *less is more"

    Best of luck

    1. 2

      Hi rab, thanks for the detailed feedback.

      Yes, like you said, less is more, we might put too much wording on describing the features. The content should be tighter, it will be the direction for us to improve the landing page.

      Appreciate for your time, have a nice day 👍

  4. 1

    You forgot the link Frank.

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