Off the shelf SaaS frontend

I'm looking for an off the shelf SaaS frontend which takes care of the landing page, FAQ, contact etc and user registration, payments, subscription management and any actions related to users (forgot password etc etc).

I'm an engineer so I don't mind some code. What I want is that my backend (hosted on app.disknotifier.com, whereas the frontend would be hosted on disknotifier.com) can be made aware of user signin status and his current subscription.

I've found https://saasform.dev/ which looks promising. But I worry a bit about the pace of development there. I've also seen MemberStack which sort of does what I need. I think. But it feels the focus is elsewhere.

I'd rather not write a tired re-implementation of all these standard features.

Surely there's something standard?

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    Definitely worth checking out Divjoy.com if you’re into using REACT. You can use the web gui to drop and drag your core UI and choose your platform stack, then download the code. Pricing is very reasonable.

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      Wow this looks by far the best option for React projects. Thanks for the link will definitely be checking this out for other projects.

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      I am using Divjoy.com and I recommend it. Its dev @Gabe is very helpful and active and approachable on IH and Twitter @divjoy .

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      That's very reasonable indeed! Not much of a React guy myself but I can change. :)

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      Thanks so much for the shout out Nick! @haarts let me know if I can help get you setup. Happy to hop on a call or send over an example codebase :)

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      Also tried Divjoy, pretty amazing value, support was good, and the documentation was excellent. It's good for getting out the blocks quickly, but unless you are a seasoned JS developer you might stall once you have it up and running.

      And if you are a seasoned JS developer, you'll probably be able to get this up yourself quickly without the starter kit. So its a catch 22.

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    Check out https://nodewood.com/ if you like VueJS and Tailwind CSS.

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      This looks almost like what I need! I've reached out to the devs.

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    off the shelf SaaS frontend which takes care of the landing page, FAQ, contact etc and user registration, payments, subscription management and any actions related to users

    Perhaps this here is a SaaS idea :-)

    There are bits and pieces you can use for each individual task, but it's tons of work to evaluate, pick and integrate them, fix all the rough edges, maintain backend, maintain deployment pipelines etc. etc. etc. And you have to build this out for every project you start.

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    You can also try TailwindUI.com :) They have a lot of templates available (landing page, marketing, e-commerce, applications) and I love their style. I’m currently building in public on Twitter and built those two landing-pages and none of them cost me more than a day:

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      Those sites look great Dennis.

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      Do you have previous experience with CSS etc? I'm most definitely a backend developer and would struggle to center a div.

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        Haha I got what you mean. But TailwindCSS != TailwindUI. You don't need to know how to center a div if you just use their templates 🤷‍♂️

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    Based on the suggestion of @volkandkaya I was able to improve my Google fu and have unearthed two new candidates. https://www.outseta.com/ and https://saasbox.net/. The latter does a terrible job on their website with loads of dead links and duplicate content. The former is hosted and doesn't allow such neat integration as I envisioned.

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      Just to mention in case this is of use - we considered Outseta and really liked the offering (lots of parts to a SaaS business all in one). The only reason we didn't go with it was localised pricing. We wanted to offer pricing to customers in their own currency and this isn't possible with Outseta.
      Good luck!

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    I would decide on the boilerplate based on how good the web app is not the landing page etc.

    Templates are usually terrible because they force content in a certain structure.

    Blocks + templates are much better as they look great but you can move them around.

    https://usegravity.app/ is popular and the founder works full time on it.

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      Ah what an interesting suggestion. Yes, this seems in the direction I want to take it. Thanks!

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        Thanks for the mention @volkandkaya 🙏🏻

        @haarts I'd also suggest separating the two unless your landing page needs are very basic. Gravity has a landing page, plus pricing, license and privacy boilerplate pages with a library of components available, which is suitable for some needs. If you require a high level of customisation then using a separate template or a landing page builder like versoly.com along with the boilerplate is a good strategy.

        If you have any questions re: Gravity, feel free to drop me an email kyle [at] usegravity.app 🙂

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          Np, easy recommendation.

          • Been working on it for years
          • Continuous updates
          • Fellow IH :)
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