Offering free 1:1 mentoring to Indie Hacker for 8 weeks


I'm Nena and you maybe know me from my post How I earn a living selling my open source software

I'm offering my 14 years of experience developing my own application and earning a living off it to a fellow Indie Hacker.

You'll get 8 weeks of mentoring via chat and an one hour video call every two weeks.

I live in Europe and we currently are on UTC+2. I have family which means I can only do video calls between 10 and 12 as well as 14 (2pm) and 18 (6pm) o'clock. Please only apply if you can do a video call within these two windows.

Please apply in the comments. I'll select the one where I think I can make a difference. If you already have something to show, let me see it! 😊

This is my first time, so I'm not sure what will happen 🙄 😁

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    Hi Nena,

    My name is KP Krishna Kumar. I live in Bangalore, India.

    I am developing https://simsim.one/
    It is a general purpose platform & set of tools which will be helpful to any app developer.
    I have been working for companies all through my career. This is my first attempt at doing something on my own.
    Insights from your 14 years of developing & living off your own product would be very useful & helpful to me.
    Hopefully, my experience & product will be of use to you as well.
    I would like to join your mentoring program.

    My email id is [email protected], looking forward to your confirmation.

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      Thank you for your application, I'll wait a few more days…

      1. 1

        Thank you for your application. I've contacted the one I'll be mentoring.

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    building hiretheverified.com, love to interact much more. Looking for the mentorship.

    1. 1

      Hi! I only see a white page, is that right?

      1. 1

        Yes, maintainence work is going on, I will update it by tomorrow. Then you can check

        1. 1

          @nemiah now website is live. You can checkout here- hiretheverified.com

          1. 2

            Thank you for your application. I've contacted the one I'll be mentoring.

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    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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