Design and UX September 3, 2020

Offering free UI Redesigns Pt.2

Moemin 🛠️ @muchkler

Hi there everyone!

Around 4 months ago, I offered free UI redesigns and got an overwhelming number of responses, I couldn't get to all of them unfortunately due to constant business trips.

I'm back on vacation and I'd like to offer some more free UI redesigns, this time with a cap of 5. Comment your landing page and/or idea and I'll pick 5 random people to redesign their landing pages.

Have a good day :)

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    Hi ! I am struggling a lot with my website design, and especially with the landing page.
    Would be happy to be redesigned

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      Here you go:

      This might be because I am not a developer, but I think the value proposition needs to be clearer. Is this an app? What would the 'journal' look like? etc. I think this is a great idea, nonetheless and would love to see the prototype if there's any.

      Good luck!

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        Wow that's amazing ! I love it ! Thanks a lot, can you provide me the background images your are using and also the fonts ? Also I like the blue color, how did you chose it ?

        Oh I see you probably do not have a Github account then.
        Here is an example

        To clarify the idea of this project, it's a journal for developers, automatically generated with the user preferences based on his Github profile.

        The main point is getting news about projects the user follows, and those news are made with the changelogs of those projects.

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          I do, I'm just not very active on it!

          That's great that there's already a prototype of the journal, I feel like that's something the audience would love to see on the landing page. I have a better idea of what it's supposed to be now after you've explained it, which I couldn't really understand from the homepage (this is one user's opinion, I think you should sample a larger user base and see if they are also facing the same problem).

          Anyway, I love the idea! You can download the .xd file here: it'll have all the images and icons.

          As for the font, it's DM Sans

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            Yes the MVP is working for a year now :)

            Yes you are right, maybe I should find some browser templates (desktop and mobile) and include a screen of the app inside so the audience will have a better understanding

            The app is made for developers, but I think it could be useful for designers too if they are some github's projects for designers that you wish to follow.

            I think I will redesign the whole app based on your mock up and then try a product hunt launch

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              Awesome, let me know if you need any more help :)

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    Hey, thanks in advance, here is mine

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      Wouldn't change this :) Already looking great! Just some minor adjustments like font-weight for the CTAs, adding more visual interest to the icons, etc. Other than that, looks good!

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        Hey thanks for the kind words, going to explore the font adjustments

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    Oh, this is exciting. Designing your own landing page is so tough. Always great to see what others (especially professionals) can do.

    My product is a personal productivity app:

    Maybe this is fun! There is also a cute mascot that is currently not featuring on the main page (Marvin, you can find him on "Why Marvin").

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    Hey Moemin,

    Thanks a lot for doing this.

    This is my portfolio page. I've been looking to redesign it for a while now but I'm too busy with client work.

    It would be super-helpful if you could give me some pointers.


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      Oof, personal portfolios are kind of a tough niche to design for. It's always up to the person's taste, so it's hard to design another person's portfolio.

      Main pointers I have are:

      1- Pick softer colors for the gradients in your projects section. They're too 'out there'.
      2- Titles should be on top and descriptions below them, also in the projects section.
      3- Not sure if it's just me but the scrolling animation feel a little bit sluggish.

      Again, not the most helpful criticism out there, but like I said, personal portfolios are a little bit tough to tackle!

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    How can we help you vice versa?

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      Not looking for anything in return!

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