Office humor writing help needed

Hi All - We are building a Happiness at Work app and are looking for some help on "office humor writing", thought of asking here for some help. Any help?


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    Oh its a very nice idea I always support this type of unique and ne ideas as I am working on a project you can see here its also very interesting.

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    Hi Ujnamss

    Perhaps this app we have published with a freind some years ago can help you.
    I used to be one of the top jokes app until Google banned it after some description changes.



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      Hey @rymchyster - your app on google play store was awesome! Can we talk sometime? I would love to onboard you on Poppins and see you will quickly get to know what we are looking for. Let me know. Thanks!!!

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        Hi @ujnamss
        Is good to see you like our jokes app.

        Yes, for sure. You can reach as at [email protected] and we can schedule a call.


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