One euro per hour!

I saved up €18600 euro and quit my job.
I'm going to live extremely economical.
I will spend just €720 a month (in the Netherlands).
There are 720 hours in a month.
That means I can live like this for 18600 hours, which is 775 days.
Every month, I will radically change my focus.
I will do one startup every month.
This way, there is room for 24 startups and one month of looking for a new job.
I will do this 24 times or until one startup becomes successful.

  1. 6

    Didn't realize a month is 720 hours. That makes $720 a month in passive income my new goal for now. Good luck!!

  2. 4

    Instead of building 24 products, build only 8 and spend the rest of your time on marketing... Even better, build one and spend the rest of your time on market research, on marketing and on making improvements...

    1. 1

      I will try to build a minimal product in 2 weeks on average, so I have 2 weeks for marketing. Don't you think that's enough to determine wether or not it's viable?

      1. 1

        I don't think so... Validation often takes a long time unfortunately. Unless you have tens of thousands of followers in the right demographic most people won't care about it and those who do won't remember your product... It usually takes a long time for a product to have a sizable customer base. Google launched in 1998 and I started using it in 2001... You may be lucky and build something that grows without help, that also happens sometimes.

  3. 2

    Neat! Keep the community updated! 👏

  4. 1

    Are you a dev? How are you going to build things that fast?

    1. 1

      Yeah I am. React Native and NodeJS. I think what I try to do well is first boil the app down to it's core functionality before starting to build it. If you want to make the perfect product that has everything, it can easily take months, but this way I can do it in weeks.

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