One major flaw in my business that I realized last month(and fixed it too!) 😲

We have had a lot many people joining Brucira’s team these past couple of months. With the excitement of expanding our team, comes the challenge of making sure they have all the things they require to get started.

This meant a lot many problems:

  • New joiners didn’t know who to contact, what were the different policies we have at Brucira, who do they call when they are stuck in a work issue, and so on. This meant a lot of back-and-forth conversations for them and even everyone else on our team
  • As these new joiners didn’t want to seem like they were asking too much, they would assume things and get started. The result? Lots of confusion, miscommunication, and tens of work hours being wasted.
  • Above all, we were failing in having a personalized approach for these new employees that would make them feel welcome and enthusiastic to be a part of our team.

Here’s what we did next to solve all of these issues ⬇

We created a special onboarding document. This has everything from how to set up the company Google account, who to communicate with for what issue, how to ask for leave, to a personalized note at the start for each new employee.

The result?

Numerous work hours saved, increased efficiency, support for new employees in the sense that they can always go through this document to clear any doubts and confusions.

Are you also hiring any new members for your team? How do you deal with the onboarding of new team members?

Let's discuss more ideas in the comments! 👇

Siddhita ❤️

  1. 1

    Good thinking, Siddhita! 🧠🌈

    I'm glad your new document has smoothed the onboarding process. I'm sure your employees have way less anxiety, too, since they can refer to the document for so many answers to common questions. Sounds like a win-win!

  2. 1

    Good idea Siddhita. You could also include 2-3 images with following content.

    I have joined....

    I started working at...

    This might trigger them to post it on LinkedIn and get some corporate branding work done by employees themselves.

    If you have time, you could ask them to send their good quality photograph and send them a customized image which they could use to post on their social channels.


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