Developers January 22, 2021

One Month of Building Tiny Projects!

Mark Fleckenstein @markfleckenstein
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    Thanks Mark for sharing! What a coincidence, I'm trying to do the same thing! I planned to build and launch as much tiny apps as possible this year. Pushed out a twitter bot earlier this week, and the second project is on the way :)

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      Thats awesome @hilee! Do you have a link to the source code or what the bot does? Good luck progressing on your other projects!

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        Thanks! It's a super simple one at . There's some clean up to do before I open up that repo, the next project will be open sourced on day 1. :)

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          This is awesome!! Very cool! Excited to see your next project!

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    Hi Everyone! I wanted to share my experience learning new code/technologies and sharing how building 1 tiny project per week went this past month!

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