March 25, 2019

One SaaS Glossary List To Rule Them All?

CAC, LTV, ARPU, ARPPU etc. — all these SaaS terms need a glossary. There are some out there but they’re either:

  1. Shielded by a “just pop in your details here to download this PDF”
  2. Incomplete
  3. Quasi-complete but somehow still confusing

I'm thinking about putting out a list of mine that we've got in Chagency where we explain the terms we used in a document we send (a strategy document, for instance). If only MRR and CRR were used, we explain these two.

This list is an add-on and it mentions how it's not meant to be disrespectful towards the CEO/CFO/etc. but even they might have bad days when their head is too busy to do a mental search about what that acronym means.

Or, maybe more important, the document might be sent to someone who doesn’t get a full grasp of these odd-looking capitalised words. It’s a nice touch that’s appreciated — especially if it meets the hands of an intern.

One list to rule them all? Gather literally all possible terms and put them together? I think it’d be a good idea. If we don’t get to do this fast enough, feel free to snatch this idea — hoping we won’t sleep on it.

Also thinking a nice pairing element would be having boxes where you put in your data and see how it’s calculated.

As in you would add your monthly recurring revenue and automatically the annual recurring revenue would pop up — this is a trivial example but it could get more helpful as we move on to other figures.