May 23, 2019

One time, I had success, it's time to get this back.

Tariq RIAHI @GandalfLife

I'm a software developer. About 5 years ago, I was doing a tons of gambling websites for customers (On CS:GO Mainly). At a certain point, I decided to focus on that business and created a CMS for my customers.

Most of people just wanted a unique design but with the same exact features.

At this time, I hadn't any certification in software development, only learnt by myself so it was really painful to build something proper.

Moreover, the steam network was pretty crappy, my CMS was sometimes buggy and in the gambling industry, this is not possible to have bugs (or the less). Also, steam didnt like that much these business so they kept releasing updates to block it.

I spent 99% of my time (15 hours a day) learning to my customers how to use the CMS, make eventual modifications, report bugs and tried to fix it (I didnt have certification so it was clearly difficult for me).

I had 2 solutions:

  • Hire someone
  • Studies

I decided to study computer science so I had to stop this business, it was really painful to work against steam (they kept trying to stop this business), with all the bugs. Also the community wasn't that great, there's a lot of scammers, kids and so on.

Now, I'm able to build something great (including VGO, CSGO, paypal and more) with the knowledge I got from this experience and the new ones.

It's time to go back to gambling world, wish me good luck.


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    Man, that sounds really fun to build ! I recently worked in a small fix of a gambling website, and it's awesome.
    Just wondering, how did you meet client that trusted you, despite you wasn't that experienced on software development?

    Also, would love to work on something like this again, so if you need a dev I'd love to help !

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      I hadn't started by doing dev for customers, I started it to build project for myself. I was doing small php websites, nothing huge and was a gambler.

      Because the casino is the only one that wins on long terms, I decided to create my own gambling website about 6 years ago on CS:GO. I thought nothing was impossible so I worked a lot to build something cool. It was pretty buggy and really hard to maintain but people liked it a lot, I was spending maybe 12 hours a day on customer support, 3 hours on upgrading the platform.

      It was really exhausting but I built the platform, learnt a looooot on this project.

      Because of that, some people were interested to build their own gambling website so they contacted me to build it, as I was in need of money to pay appartment, food, drugs, etc I had to accept the jobs so I started building websites for others.

      I also found some missions at (which I dont recommend if you dont want to kill yourself).

      With time, it was really exhausting too, customers in csgo gambling are pretty bad quality, they dont have any professionnal skills so they are really bad managers (for most). They harass you with questions every day, ask you to make changes every 2 days, at the end, you work for 1$/hour.

      So I started this CMS for casino to start scalling my job but I wasnt professionnal (mean I didnt have any professionnal certifications) so it was buggy a bit, I was missing some experience in building CMS so making updates was a big pain. I didnt know what was OOP, MVC, MVVM, a constructor, a method but I used it daily xD

      I stopped it because I was 99% of the time on customer support, saying "I'm working on it" more than working on things :P

      I made studies to get a professionnal method to build projects. I also have more experience building things so I feel comfortable enough to do it again.

      I also built a blog in the process to provide tutorials and tips to earn money online but I stopped it as blogging is a really hard job (writing is not one of my passion and earnings are really low when you dont write every day).

      Just to say, I started shitty jobs with shitty customers (and I thank them :p). With time, I gained experience and better customers :) Just a really hard B2C world ^^

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    Good luck Man !

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      Thank you mate <3

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    It's time to go back to gambling world
    May I ask you, why?

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      I'm good in this industry, it's not accessible enough and I think I can provide solutions. The casino always wins, I can provide the opportunity to some people to create their casino.

      This is the only business where I was able to generate a good amount of revenue without spending months on getting feedbacks, testing products, iterate etc. Success is obvious and it was. Spending effort into products that takes years to generate revenue is a pain, there's probably other ways to do it fast but I have thr knowledge to do it in the gambling industry. Let's make some money, priority :)

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    Would love to see what's on the roadmap for you. I've wanted to get into the gambling world but I'm in the US and there's a lot of barriers. First thing that comes to mind is Cayman Islands? LOL.

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      Haha that's a way :D I'm focused on crypto / virtual items gambling, also I'm the one who makes the platform, not the owner ^_^ For the laws, I'd say I will need a good lawyer if I generate enough revenue to pay him :D