One tool to manage your communities.


I really want to build this out but want to know if it would be handy for anyone. I know there something there in terms of audience management and being helpful at scale.

I love my indie hackers crew but it might not be the right fit for us. I'm thinking Growth Marketers, Community Managers

What is it:
babilbox is one tool to manage all of the communities that you're a part of.

  • Explore Popular content,
  • Reply, comment,
  • automate messages etc,
  • Send bulk messages to all communities
  • PLus some other nifty things on the roadmap.

Any input on this would be awesome.

  1. 2

    is it for slack communities or discord communities?

    1. 1

      This is def in the roadmap. This has also been the second time that this was brought up.

      Would you need anything in particular for these integration? Something you feel would help you manage these better?

      1. 1

        otherwise I just don't understand how this will work? I have tons of communities on different platforms how can I gather them in one place?

        1. 1

          As I think about the Slack and discord integration I would have to take the core functionality of each Slack/discord (channels, notifications, messaging) and insert it into the platform.

          You would:

          • sign into each slack community on the platform
          • You would have the ability to send one message to all of your communities at once and/or select the ones you want to send to.
          • You would have the ability to manage all slack communities' messages from one area.
          • if you get a reply to your message then you would get notified. Since each reply would be unique you would have to go into each community separately and engage.

          Since you can already click between each community in the Slack application this feature would make sense to transfer over to my platform.

          The main benefit of this would be to send one message to many communities at once and manage all replies, comments in a unique and efficient way from one place.

          Im still thinking about how to make this super simple to do on slack and discord.

          Remember that my goal is to add as many communities to the [platfrom as possible. Right now I'm focusing on PRoductHunt, Indiehackers, Reddit, Hacker News, Slack, Discord and thinking about Circle as well. For each community I add to this platform I have to see how that community works and add it in to the platform in a way that operates in the environment I'm developing. Im aiming to make this operate like a live chat and support platform (Intercom) so you can easily manage all communities in the same way(or as close as possible).

          Let me know if this makes sense or seems a bit off. Ic an explains it a little more for you.

          Thanks for exploring this with me.

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