One way to make coding easier for you

If you have noticed, coding is half typing. Typing involves copying and pasting text from one place to another.

The other half involves THINKING. Thinking includes debugging, programming and etc. Your idea you want to code is in your head, so sorry there is little I can do to help on that.

What I can help with is reducing the amount of typing you do.
While coding, I often copy and paste code blocks.

Unfortunately, a computer's clipboard(where your copied code goes to) cannot hold 2 items at a time.

I solved this problem by building a clipboard that can hold unlimited code blocks.

It also stays on the screen for you even if you scroll to other places or switch to the browser.

And it also saves your copied code for you even if you close it.
Its what I personally use for coding.

Maybe it will reduce your typing as it has for me. Probably it will make your coding a LITTLE bit easy. Thank you

If interested, please visit my page on https://grabspider.com

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    Hey!, I need this. I am an android app developer so I already have java installed on my system.

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    Looks like a pretty nifty tool.

    I've been a React Developer for quite some time, and I understand that being able to manage clipboard history is quite important.

    However, copy-paste is not the end of the problem.

    I also want to be able to re-use the code across projects and be able to visually edit the CSS styles, without going back and forth on code and browser, since styling components usually takes up most of my time.

    To solve this problem, I'm currently creating reusable components inside a tool called Clutch.io and dragging/dropping them across different projects.

    Since it's a visual development tool, I also save some extra time in tweaking CSS and other boiler-plate stuff.

    Might want to check it out.

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      Hi abhibavishi. Thank you for the feedback. As you can see from grabspider, it enhances your computer's clipboard. You want to save the content and view them in the future? Yes it auto saves for you. Its also a one- time payment with future upgrades free

      I have checked clutch.io It looks promising. I suggest showing a short video about your product in use would be great for your visitors. I wish you all the best.

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    On windows, there is also a built in clipboard manager (Windows key + V). It doesn't really format code blocks well, so this looks useful.

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      Thanks for your feedback Quodlibet.
      Lets us know more about your entrepreneurship. All the best to you

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