April 8, 2019

One week into #The100DayProject :)

Chris @blunicorn

It's day 7, so I'm 1 week into #The100DayProject ! As mentioned yesterday, this was always going to be a fairly low-productivity Target 2030 day for me as I was heading off on holiday. However, I completed one small batch of temporary changes to target2030.org which were, I think, worthwhile (I'll explain in a second).

Alongside this, I thought I may as well share some of the little/silly things that haven't worked out in my favour over these first 7 days! I can't spent each post talking about what I've achieved and ignore the stumbling blocks along the way (Apologies if any of this is repetition, it's a bit of a blur).

Here's what I did on the website:

  • Made a proper holding page on the homepage with a few options for people to choose from. This is just an under construction page, but I've had nearly 100 visitors to the site in the last week and it seems like a wasted opportunity not to have a few places I can direct people to :) (I do appreciate that's not much traffic, haha). The illustration is just from undraw.co - perfect resource for this sort of thing imho.

  • I made a basic contact page (including getting some technical support from GoDaddy to resolve issues with email delivery)

Here's the stumbling blocks I've encountered this first week (mostly little/non-consequential):

  • Both Facebook and Twitter accounts that I created were taken down!

    Facebook had no explanation and they gave no real option for recourse - essentially it's because I don't have a personal account with them, so I had to make a really basic one to make the non-profit page and they didn't like that it didn't look 'real' enough I guess. I'm not going to bother setting up another for now.

    Twitter was funnier, I decided to put the date of birth as the founding day of the project, but that meant they kicked me out cause it meant I was less than 13 years old. Not sure how they thought it was possible that a baby that was less than a week old was setting up a Twitter account, but they did. Anyway, they reinstated the account once I sent through some ID and explained the mixup haha.

  • I discovered I need to get a new passport

    This is slightly more of a problem than the little social media issues, as without the passport I will have to wait before setting up the legal entity and then bank accounts etc.

    I've already sent off the required forms for a replacement, but it takes about 6 weeks given that I live overseas from my home country. There's plenty I can be doing while I wait but it certainly will slow things down a little.

Here todays IG post:


1 week down, 93 more days to go!