Ongoing Phishing Campaign with IH

Urgent Letter to Indie Hackers

I recently discovered that a phishing group is using IH as a launch pad for their campaign.

They used the unsubscribe button to phish. Beware of any emails that look like the following.

Do your due diligence and hover your mouse over any links to ensure it's coming from a credible source.

I see a DMARC record on your domain @channingallen but none of it's policies are enabled. (This means your domain can be spoofed). I would also suggest to add an SPF record too.

Hopefully this can be visible to the IH team. If not, please upvote!

cc: @csallen

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    This is just an IH series email -- a custom newsletter hosted on IH


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      It seems like pstmrk.it is a legitimate domain used for analytics. Working in cyber for many years has made me paranoid. Still a good reminder to watch for any phishing emails. Keep on hacking everyone!

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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    I’ve seen that same email before. I also clicked the unsubscribe button. 😬

    What info are they phishing from me?

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