Online Education .Me (My New Project!)

Hello, I'm Uğur KILCI, OnlineEducation.Me is an online learning site that I will publish this month, where you can get free training without being a member.

Students will receive free education without membership.
Online teachers will be able to become members and upload their free training.

How will online teachers make money?
They have to upload the tutorials on their YouTube channel. And they will be able to gain extra views with YouTube ads.

What do you know? Google digital marketing course, online doctoral programs, mobile programming, digital arts, and more. Add this information to YouTube. Or you may have already added it. And finally, upload it to OnlineEducation.Me.

I will publish it as a website such as best online learning platforms or online continuing education courses. I don't know if there are free online courses with certificates. OnlineEducation.Me is still a very new project. Let the project be published first. Then we can think about these issues.

Currently, there is only a simple form on the site. If you want to be notified when the project is published, please fill out the form on the site.

What are you thinking? I am open to your suggestions. Thanks.

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