Online Store Which Combines Digital Images

I am looking to create an online store which will have many, many images (hundreds). They will be sorted based on styles and categories.

The buyer will select between 1 and 5 images, along with a background (if they want one).

Following purchase I need these images to be stitched side-by-side horizontally (in the specific order selected by the customer), and then layered over the top of a background if one is chosen, creating a single image and then emailed or otherwise made available to the buyer (post-purchase).

What no-code stack would you use to build this? Assuming it will be possible...

What storage medium would you use for the images?

What eCommerce store software would allow you to embed the image database and allow the shopper to select and add the order to cart in a logical way?

What no-code tool can I use to manipulate the images?

I'm thinking a stack something like this would do the trick:

Image database: https://airtable.com
Image manipulation: https://www.bannerbear.com
Moving data / images around: https://zapier.com

But I'm not sure how I might connect all this to an eCommerce store for the user to make their selection...

Any tips, sharing of past experience, or ideas appreciated :)

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