Only 30 days! We finished a great Etsy products research tool

These days, I received lots of messages from my friends and some fans. They all asked me why our team want to develop an Etsy products research tool. So today I wanna share a story with you guys!

Before we start this program, all of our team members feel confused about it, we don't know if will succeed.

One day the leader recommended me ETSY (https://www.etsy.com/) as crazy as discovering the door to a new world suddenly. Said Etsy this platform is very important for small and medium sellers who own independent design, niche brands, which are of great value to handicraft sellers. Big brands are difficult to imitate. So he suggests we can develop a tool for this platform.

But the whole team does not have a deep understanding of this platform. So, first, we started to explore the rules of this platform. Many girls in the team started shopping on Etsy to experience consumers’ feelings. Others started to research competitors' products.

When we experienced a difficult development period. This Etsy products research tool is complete, totally 30 days! We gave the name for it — Etsy Hunt. Wish this product will hunt precise data of Etsy! Give Etsy sellers a perfect experience.

Finally, pretty Thanks! We did it! Etsy Hunt received lots of likes. Thank you my friend's support to Etsy Hunt. Now the Etsy Chrome Extension already update, warmly welcome Etsy sellers try it! If you have any questions and suggestions please let me know!

  1. 6

    I'm 99% sure the comments here are bots/fake.

    1. 1

      Plot twist, this is also a bot.

    2. 1

      I'm so sorry to let you down, these comments all true, welcome you can give us some advices

  2. 1

    Website seems very user friendly. Keep it up.
    P.s. SEO is everywhere. 😄🔥

  3. 1

    I just started exploring your website, seems a clever and simple one...

    1. 1

      yes, it's easy to use, I like this style

  4. 1

    This free tool surprised me. It is very rare to see Etsy's selection tool on the market. The functions and data have also met my needs. Thanks to this extension for improving my work efficiency.

  5. 1

    I am very glad that I can use it as the first batch of users of EtsyHunt. 🤝

    1. 1

      Thanks so much! Hope Etsy Hunt can help you!

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