Self Care January 26, 2020

Open Note-to-Self: "Every day I have to do it all again"

Youce @youce

I have to rebuild my confidence every day. Every day I have to get up and teach myself how to believe in dreams. I have to trust that all is not in vain again. I have to tell myself that I am not crazy, but also not special. I have to remember that my dreams are at stake, and that the outcome depends mostly on me.

I have to build my strength from zero. I have to remember the names of those who make the most of me.

I have to remember those who quit, also those who didn't make it. I have to hush myself to stop my brain from believing it's all black and white. I have to speak up to remember why I'm doing what I'm doing. I have to look right at the void, the future, and think backward. I have to dare to be wrong and even hurt those who care for me, hoping it will all be worth it in the end.
I have to rebuild the courage to continue.
And with that courage, I have to take a glimpse of a better tomorrow.

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    Thanks for posting this. A pretty good summary of what I'm going through as well.

    I've basically had to rebuild my life to get on with the challenge of being a solo founder. This has meant trying to be as healthy as possible (food, sleep, exercise). As a solo founder I am the company's greatest asset. Meditation has helped with the mental health aspect, also journaling. Some days it just doesn't happen, there is no productivity, and now I just accept it and write those days off. I have taken the odd afternoon off and gone to the movies, or just got completely away from it all.

    We have chosen an unconventional path. The process is hard, but the potential pay-off is huge. I have a quote from Captain Matthew Webb in my terminal: "nothing great is easy"

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      Yes! Accepting the days of unproductivity might be the hardest thing to do for me, but when I do, I feel like it's easier to move onto greater things faster and without feeling so drained. Thanks for sharing! I'm trying to jump on the meditation train too, it definitely helps!

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    I think we can all relate to this one.
    Best cure for uncertainty is work and results. Try to get something out day by day.

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    Well said, I'll have this printed and put above my desk.

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      Thanks for reading!

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    Wow that is inspiring! Are those your words? If so that’s great writing talent right there, you should definitely use that to your advantage.

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      Yes, they are, thank you! I do try to write constantly, although mostly in Spanish. Thanks for reading.

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    Man, what a good topic and crucial.

    I have to rebuild my confidence every day. Every day I have to get up and teach myself how to believe in dreams.

    This is normal and also caused by some change in your brain chemistry in the morning coming from sleep. If you are on coffee this change is even stronger.

    Look that rebuilding your confidence every day takes no more than 10min, max 1h, otherwise you'll lose time and energy for nothing.

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      Thanks for sharing!

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    I think I heard this on an IH podcast: "There are no cheat codes for this". I have that written on a Post-it note on my monitor. It's a reminder that I just need to do the work step by step, little by little, every day.

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      That's so true! I'll keep that in mind, thanks for reading!

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    Resonates. Thanks for sharing. <3

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      Thank you for reading, @heylorenzut, appreciate the love!