Open Source Firebase Alternative

🚀 Open source Firebase Alternative is finally here! 🚀
With continued support from the community 🤝, we're extremely proud to announce our latest version - Appwrite 0.8. Appwrite is a full-blown open-source Firebase Alternative with over 7.7k stars ⭐️ on Github and is under rapid 🔥 development.


🤔 What is Appwrite ?
In simplest terms, Appwrite is an open source Backend As A Service (aka BaaS). What this essentially means is that we abstract all the responsibilities of a backend server so that you can concentrate on building your Application. And most importantly, Appwrite can be self-hosted 🤩. Appwrite was designed to help you get all the core services you need to build a successful SaaS product!
User Management
File Store
Web Hooks
Cloud Functions
and many more...

Here are some awesome new features we released in 0.8
1️⃣ ARM Support
2️⃣ JWT
3️⃣ A refactored Web SDK with Typescript support
4️⃣ The Root Account
5️⃣ New Env Vars for Cloud Functions
6️⃣ New Image Preview Capabilities
7️⃣ Configurable Auth Methods
8️⃣ Null Safety support in our Flutter SDK
and lots more...

We would love to hear your thoughts on what you like and dislike in the current state, and we need your help to shape the future of Appwrite.

We have a super active Discord channel where we help a lot of users on board 🙂. So if you ever get stuck while setting up Appwrite or simply want to get more information, our Discord Channel is the place to be.

  1. 6

    Most important question: what's the backing data store?

    1. 6

      We are building Appwrite to be agnostic to the data store you use.
      At present we're running MariaDB. We have multiple adapters coming up allowing you to use the datastore of your choice.

      MongoDB is in beta and we have Cockroach, MySQL and Postgres in the pipeline


      1. 2

        Postgres! Awesome!

      2. 2

        Nice, so open source SQL!

  2. 4

    Lovely project . i would definitely do a test run on it and see how best it can help my teams

    1. 2

      Glad to hear that! There's a single command install over at https://appwrite.io/
      We'd be happy to help over at discord if you run into any issues

  3. 3

    How does this compare with Supabase?

    1. 1

      Both products are great, obviously I am biased towards Appwrite but I can mention that we are more focused on the self-hosted version ( although a cloud version is coming soon ), and we put most of our effort on simplicity and creating a great dev experience.

      Appwrite is also fully open-source, and supports multi-tenancy and a built-in dashboard, alongside other cool features that you can check on our website.

  4. 3

    Do you have a docker image for this?

    1. 3

      Yes we do! 😊
      You can install Appwrite with a single docker command .

  5. 2

    Very Good software and I am very happy after using it.

    1. 1

      We're glad you like it 😊
      We'd love to hear what you felt could be better.

  6. 2

    I don't need this product right now, but I could totally see myself using it when I start a new project.

    1. 2

      Would love to hear more when you do 😊

  7. 2

    Wow - awesome work! As a Firebase user I can appreciate the beast you are trying to replicate and this looks great :)

    1. 1

      Thank you for those kind words 🙏

  8. 2

    This is really great! I'm definitely going to promote and investigate it for some of my projects.

    The question that I have is what are the platform requirements for this project? Firebase is mostly a wrapper around the other GCP products, I'd assume you'd need AWS, GCP with it? Would it work with DigitalOcean?

    Is the database & authentication real-time via websockets?

    The Docker image could do a lot of the heavy lifting for back-end services like the functions, but am I correct that you'd need to config the database and cloud files?

    Very impressive and ambitious project. I would love to have a more standardized open-source version of firebase.

    1. 2

      🟢Since Appwrite is packaged as a set of docker containers, you are free to host it on any platform . We have even run it on a Raspberry Pi 😊
      So you can just think of the possibilities for hosting.. EC2, droplets, AWS Gravitons, Linode etc.

      🟢At present realtime is in beta and we're currently testing it actively with the help of our community. Yes we are using web-sockets for it.

      🟢 The one command install that we provide comes out of the box with MariaDB setup and local volumes for files. The only thing you need to setup yourself IIRC is an SMTP provider. Everything else comes out of the box. You are even free to use an external managed MariaDB Database if you'd like.

      I hope I answered your questions 😊

  9. 2

    Thanks for sharing! I am looking forward to the documentation for iOS. Will star the repo and come back to it.

    1. 1

      Hey ginad! We're working to get Native iOS support soon!
      Currently we have flutter and web, with Android coming in the next release :D

  10. 1

    Do you guys have plans to create hosted version of Appwrite? Or maybe you can recommend someone.
    I’d rather pay 20-30 bucks for managed version and don’t care about upgrades, support etc.

    1. 1

      That's the plan! 😊 We are aiming towards that

  11. 1

    This is quite interesting, first direct competitor I know for Supabase.

  12. -2

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    1. 8

      Giving the self hosted version for free but charging for the cloud version is a standard way to make money. Plus they can charge for support for the self hosted version, which is also pretty standard.

      Not sure why you think this is shady.

      1. -1

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        1. 5

          Meteor (meteorjs) and many others have done exactly this same playbook. Take funding, build a community, run ads, offer paid hosting and services. I don't find it shady or strange, in any way. But that's my personal opinion, you're free to hold your own opinion of course.

          1. -3

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    2. 8

      Hey, we don't have any hidden agenda, we do plan to have a hosted version on top of the open-source solution in the near future and we are very transparent about it. We plan to continue with this open-core model as seen with other major companies.

      We started out an as open source side project but as the adoption increased we found it hard to keep up with our full time jobs. We quit and started working on it full time and managed to raise some capital.

      At present we are trying to gather feedback to cater it better for our target audience which is, developers.

      You're welcome to join us on Discord if you'd like to learn more https://appwrite.io/discord

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