Open Sourcing my SAAS Starter Kit

Hey everyone 👋

Fellow indie-hacker here and I want to share my latest project with y'all. I've just finished version 2 of my SAAS Starter Kit, called Wave (https://devdojo.com/wave).

Wave has some awesome features to help you rapidly build your next Software as a Service. This includes features like authentication, billing, user profiles, subscription plans, notifications, and much more.

I've just released the product on Product Hunt here https://www.producthunt.com/posts/wave-2-0, and your support and upvotes would really help 🙏

This new version is 100% open source (https://github.com/thedevdojo/wave) so you can feel free to get started with your next SAAS application right away 😉

My hope is to make this the go-to solution for IndieHackers who want to start building a new product and don't want to have to re-create all the key building blocks of every SAAS application.

Anyway, I look forward to getting your feedback and I look forward to seeing some of the cool stuff we can all create with this project.

Happy coding and happy creating 🙌

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    Very nice - I've UpVoted on PH.

  2. 2

    This is outstanding. Starred the repo. If I come across anything I'll, let you know.
    Big thanks for this!

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    Nice work!

    Upvoted on PH 🙂.

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    looks amazing. Good job

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    Thanks @tonylea. Starred repo and upvoted on PH.

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    Hey @tonylea, this is amazing. Thanks for the effort and work you have put into this in making others to get started easily in building their SaaS product.

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    hey man, I just wanted to say I admireeeee how cool and professional everything looks, props to the designer and developer, if it's all you, massive respect, keep up the good work !!

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      Thank you :)

      That means so much to me. It's just constant iteration until things look good. Appreciate the feedback! Hope you have a great day.

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    Is it only to use with Laravel or can I create the rest of app in some other technology?

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    This is awesome!

    We should connect to explore opportunities to partner or collaborate somehow. We implement open source software to help SaaS companies build out their integration stack, so there's a lot of synergy with what you're doing. DM me if you want to connect offline.

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      Thanks man! Sounds good. Will send you a message here shortly ;)

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    Looks very good. Where were you when I got started :)
    One of the problems with this kind software is that it is only effective when you are starting. If I already started and I did not use you then you lost me as a customer. One thing I can suggest is a video on the landing page that shows in a few steps how difficult it would be to learn/use it.
    Great product, please continue.
    Checkout these VC backed guys https://frontegg.com/

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    This comment was deleted 12 days ago.

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