Open sourcing VueJS + TailwindCSS frontend


GitHub: https://github.com/netcoresaas/frontend-vuejs-tailwindcss
Live Demo: https://vue.netcoresaas.com

I'm open sourcing the frontend of NetcoreSaas. Its a boilerplate for SaaS apps, features:

  • Marketing pages (landing, pricing, contact, blog)
  • Admin pages (organizations, products, resources)
  • App pages ("dashboard", expenses, permissions, my resources, organization, members, subscription, profile)
  • Multi-tenant/organization: (Each tenant is an organization)
  • Multi-role (Owner, Admin, Member, Guest)
  • Multi-theme (TailwindCSS based)
  • Multi-language (English, spanish and hindi)
  • Fake server (simulating a backend implementation on some services)
  • More...

Let me know what you think!

Also please answer what would you like to see next, Angular or React version.

What's next
  1. Angular
  2. React
  3. Stick with Vue and focus on backend features
  1. 4

    Well, I would use VueJs over ReactJs because of the familiarity I have with Vue.

    1. 1

      Have you tried React? (I haven't yet)

      1. 2

        I have tried to React but I gave up because of the learning curve. I got adjusted to VueJs and got very comfortable since last 1+ year.

  2. 2

    I was just looking for something like this yesterday! Thanks so much :)

    Oh, and yeah, I think stick with just Vue. There's no harm in focusing on a niche. React might be a bigger market but there's also more competition so it kind of balances out. It's better to do one thing really well than many things by half.

    Besides, you might be surprised just how many Vue developers are out there. It's impossible to know exactly the size of your market but you can make some rough guesstimates by looking at the number of stars on Github, questions on Stack Overflow or related subreddit.

    Of course, the market for your product is still only going to be some tiny percentage of Vue developers but that might be enough?

    1. 1

      I'm glad you found it useful!

      That's totally right, there's already a lot of react templates out there, free and for sale.
      Actually what worries me is the .NET Core backend, I have a C# background so I have a lot of experience, but I fear everybody is using Lavarel and Node. But I'm optimistic since it's the most loved framework.

      1. 2

        I also have a C# background so I see where you're coming from. The challenge with your target market is that it's not just restricted to C# + Vue developers.

        It's C# + Vue + Typescript + Tailwind + people that want to start a SaaS + don't want to write all the code themselves + willing for fork over money for a template + learn how to use it.

        All those constraints added together will restrict the market size down significantly.

        That said, it looks like you got a good response from PH. I wonder how many of those people converted into a sale? I only ask because I want to see you succeed. If it's not converting well, that's probably worth discussing here on IH. Maybe there's a way to pivot your offer somehow.

        For example, a few months back I purchased Divjoy and those guys seem to be doing pretty well. Funnily enough, I didn't end up using the template but I did learn a lot from it so I don't regret the purchase.

        1. 1

          I've got 8 sales but they're all from where I'm from (people I know, so you can imagine GREAT feedback hehe) at 60% off because I contacted my alma mater since they support .NET (hence my experience). I've also seen that in the US there's not much interest, at least for now, I've got 7 emails from India (1 converted) but nobody from the US. Right now I've spent more than I've earned, but I have faith in it so I will give it the rest of 2020.

          Right now I'm preparing another side project for indiehackers, built on top of my boilerplate (also open sourcing the frontend), I'm going to record every step of it (no voice over since I'm not fluent), post it on youtube and refer to it as a starter tutorial: "Creating name_of_app in 2 hours" or something. I haven't thought about it the way you put it, C# + Vue + TypeScript + TailwindCSS + SaaS + willingess to pay + willingess to learn 😨. Also I want to build an environment variable file generator (for Stripe, Postmark/SMTP, PostgreSQL/MySQL, Marketing color, App color, you get the idea).

          Thank you for your kind comments.

          1. 3

            got 8 sales but they're all from where I'm from (people I know)

            Just get to know more people and you're done ;)

  3. 2

    Focus on Tailwind and ReactJS. Tailblocks have just stuck with CSS and still making a great impact. Build an impactful demo with reusable components. Anyone who's gonna use it have to break it down to their needs - so focus less on backend and integrations. Reusable components that works seamlessly with Tailwind can make you darling for any SaaS apps that are getting started.

    1. 1

      Actually the pricing page was built on top of the tailblocks pricing block.

      Wouldn't I get in trouble if I turn this product into reusable VueJS/ReactJS components? I mean TailwindUI is working on that.

      1. 2

        When you feel so, reach out to their team. Partnering is the best way when you are putting effort into similar stuff. Most of the time it works.

  4. 1

    Hey, I'd like to learn more about this. Can you ping me at sai AT zeer0 DOT com. I think I'm looking for something like what you're building. Let's talk?

    Also, stick to vuejs if that's what you like and enjoy. I know I do. Don't react to the ones saying they want you to build something for them in React. Your code is OSS - they can fork it if they want or clone the functionality in React. They're just lazy if they don't want to (a) do it themselves and (b) aren't willing to learn vuejs to use your tool. You can always get to other frameworks when your Vuejs work is completed.

    1. 1

      I definitely enjoy VueJS but I see so many statistics that 80%-ish of devs are using ReactJS, but I think you're right, I should polish vue first (or move on to another project).

  5. 1

    I would just go with React. Safer bet, Vue has a lot less traction.

    Demo feels choppy.

    1. 1

      Thank you for your feedback, could you give me an example? something specific I could fix (besides the header on mobile :P)

      1. 2

        When I scroll down it doesn't feel smooth.

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