Open Subscription Platforms — A shared movement for independent subscription data.

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    This is awesome! Thanks for the share!

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    @rosiesherry Do you know how we can get our service listed? Thanks!

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    Now I am curious, what prevent those companies below remain being closed?

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    Thanks for sharing it.

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    The initiative looks good. I will take it seriously when implementing this operation in my SaaS. The freedom of choice for a user is very important.

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    Great article here! I'm looking to adding a very big feature to Playgroup to allow the owner to export their community data to take anywhere, effectively making it as open as the ESPs. Thoughts on that feature @rosiesherry?

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      I think it's interesting and a good direction to go.

      The challenge, as a community builder, is how easy is it to actually do something with that data/content? It's never as easy as just export/import. And will it work migrate easily over to other platforms.

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        The interesting bit is that many other community platforms don't allow importing of data. You're not able to import data to Circle or Discourse for another community platform.

        My main concern is that I want everyone to have access to their data and be able to choose whatever community platform they want. Over the years as your community builds a content hub, almost like a community digital garden, it makes it much harder to move to another platform without leaving all of that amazing content behind.

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          Yes, it's so hard to migrate.

          And actually with Ministry of Testing we migrated from Ning to Discourse. I got stuck for ages trying to decide what to do with all the content, in the end I decided to just bin it! 😬

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            Oh no! That's a lot of content binned probably. This is one of the problems I want to fix with Playgroups solution. Community content is gold and only gets more valuable over time.

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    So what you're saying to everyone here is "Just use Stripe"? - Isn't that still being locked into a payment provider who has all your data?

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    Looks good. It seems mostly interesting for people with info products (?)

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    Woah totally illuminating!

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    Wow - nice. It gives some pressure to the closed ones to open up more.

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    cool. keeping the bar high.

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