October 23, 2020

Optimizing FB Groups as a growth channel


Hey all! We're building Wildkard (https://wildkard.io), a new app for sports teams to chat, train, organize, and engage in 1 space (think Discord+ESPN).

We're experimenting with email marketing, but we need to diversify. Since we target the coach, I've discovered Facebook Groups to be a place they engage (1000s of FB groups with 100s of coaches each)

What are some best practices to target/market to FB Groups? Is this a scalable strategy for a 2-person startup?

Would appreciate your thoughts here.

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    I think this is an excellent way to find users. And I wouldn't worry about trying to scale it. As Paul Graham says, "do things that don't scale". Check out his essay on the subject: http://paulgraham.com/ds.html

    In terms of best practices, I would recommend treading lightly in those groups. You do not want to appear like you are a salesperson looking to take advantage of them. In fact, I'll bet many of the groups have rules against promotion. So be patient and careful when posting to those groups, it's a fragile relationship :)

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      Totally @johncb .. I love PG's DTTDS essay. One of my bookmarks!

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