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Organising your Entire Life using a single well-built Notion Template

No matter who you are, it is paramount to keep your life organised and productive if you want to succeed. Ali Abdaal would not have been so successful as a doctor, Youtuber, teacher, digital creator and D-List celebrity if it was not for his organised lifestyle.

People, including yourself, would probably have a million things going on in life, such as meetings, and parties, and picnics, and shows, sports games - the list is endless. It is common to wonder, "How can I possibly commit to so many things? There are after all only 24 hours in a day.". However, I believe with proper planning and organisation, one could make time for anything.

I have spent lots of time creating and modifying a Notion template that helps people jot down their notes, schedule their month, track their expenses and finances, journal their daily thoughts, plan out projects, document progress in hobbies and activities, plan out their travels, create a shopping list, store files (instead of storing them in your device's internal storage!), and so much more.

This would be a small step for you to make your life more organised and productive, to keep everything on track. Ultimately, I hope that it does improve the standards of life of everyone who uses the template.

To those who are interested in benefitting from this, the template pack (https://gumroad.com/l/xknhu) comes at a cost of USD$20, which is cheaper than many of the premium templates available. I am offering a 50% discount for the first 200 customers to purchase this template using the discount code "ih50" (if the sales are good, I don't mind increasing the maximum quantity of discount code uses). Hope that helps!

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