Our Approach to Cold Emails

So we're a SaaS company looking to grow and I'm looking for some of the community's tips on cold emailing! If you're also looking to get started with outbound sales, hopefully this post can be helpful...

To start things off, we conducted a bunch of customer interviews (60+) to help us nail down our value proposition. If you haven't done this...stop what you're doing and take a couple weeks to speak with as many (prospective) customers as you can. It will pay off!!!!!!! Also...you may want to read this first.

You'll know how bad of a problem it is, you'll know if your solution would make sense to fix it, and you'll have a better understanding of how to communicate to customers in terms they use.

Next, we leveraged these meetings and our network to secure a handful of "trial" clients. These companies are working with us (for free) to use the platform and give us feedback on how to improve.

In the meantime, we're taking our first run at sales and formalizing this process.

We've committed to sending 10 cold pitches a day, outside of our networks. I think this is a solid plan because each week should give us a batch of 50 messages with which to test different strategies.

For now, I'm going off some tips I learned from Steli Efti at Close.io, they've got some awesome startup sales resources to pull from.

As we're just getting going (10/50) for this week, I was curious what tips, tricks, or mentalities people had when approaching their sales process. We're currently tracking opens and responses as metrics to see if we can improve over time.

Thanks and good luck!

Here we go!

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    Hey Matt - I'm in a similar position although not sure I followed as tight of a methodology. That said, I'm sending exclusively on Linkedin and have had a lot of success with SalesNav and Inmail. I've booked about 10 cold meetings per month over the past 3 months. SalesNav is expensive but worth it in my mind for the targeting and Inmails.

    I've gotten 1 customer that is moving forward but as a trial to help me build. I'm next looking for the first few customers that will pay for the solution. I'd be happy to chat more about this as it's good to see what other people are doing.

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      Hey Cyberbadger, thanks for hopping in! Yeah we tried out SalesNav for the trial month and sent out a bunch of requests - wasn't as successful for us. That could be due to our approach as opposed the the channel though.

      Awesome that you've got that partner customer. You never know who they know or what that could turn in to! Sounds like you did an awesome job of pre-selling the product.

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