Developers October 23, 2020

Our Firebase Tech Stack

Geoffrey Bourne @gbourne
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    Pretty much my stack except I host on Netlify :)

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    Nice post Geoffrey! The last bit about rate limiting was helpful, planning on going full Firebase for whatever I work on next.

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      Yes, the rate limit is interesting and the Reddit discussion we had.

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    Like it! I'm doing it very similar for my tool.

    Why is using different endpoints not safe? And you prefer one function. Doesn't it then make more sense to use cloud run?

    Have you considered Google tasks for queues? I'm about to implement it. Looks easy to use and control rate limiting of certain api calls. Especially towards 3rdparty where all requests are combined.

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      I've never looked at Google tasks. I am very comfortable with Express, so that was my go-to.

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    cool! an interesting service to boot.

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      Thank you. Welcome to try out Ayrshare and let me know what you think.

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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