Our iOS app got featured in Forbes. AMA!

Hey everyone, we've been running some experiments with PR lately with our new mobile app for building leadership skills. We lucked out a bit and had a Founder profile in Forbes few weeks ago.

I wasn't sure what to expect from it. The article had ~15k views, and it drove ~1k downloads on the app store.

Anyone else doing a bit of PR for their product? AMA!

Here was the article BTW: https://www.forbes.com/sites/renitakalhorn/2020/09/14/meet-the-rebel-psychologist-turning-managers-into-leaders-in-two-minutes-a-day/#19b757f53e44

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    This is awesome! Congrats! Which experiments led to landing this article?

    I'm trying to dip my toes into PR as I think it'd be great for our product. Any tips?

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    Did that traction sustain. Or was it a spike that settled after some time?

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      There was a big spike that lasted ~3 days, but our baseline traffic increased afterwards due to the word of mouth and referrals from that initial wave of users.

      I think think the lasting impact depends on whether or not the PR traffic feeds other "growth loops" within the product. In our case, we have some (sharing content, inviting friends, etc.)

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        Wow, that is good to hear. Seems worth it.

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    How did it impact traffic/sales?

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      We're in beta so we don't have any paid plans yet, so I can only really comment on downloads. It caused a nice spike there. This cohort also had similar engagement and retention rates, so the users seemed to be healthy users compared to our normal channels. This was a pleasant surprise as we expected these users to be less committed, less engaged, etc.

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