Our landing page only attracts users outside of the US during pre-registration. Any idea why?

We are in the process of building a private 1-1 education marketplace platform.
We've put up a landing page to collect emails for our launch. However, It seems like from the data we collected, we are only attracting users outside of the United States (based on IP address and other info). There are only a handful of users states side. https://wizwonk.com

Unless these (foreign) users are interested in private 1-1 Online lessons (we do offer a robust Online platform) , I have no idea why they would submit their email addresses to be notified when we launch. Just to be sure, the bulk of the submitted emails are legit, working emails ( we have a way of filtering bogus email even if the format is correct)

We did collect few emails from users across the United States but their numbers are dwarfed by the foreign emails that land in our database. We are thinking about blocking these as we don't really think they will be useful to us.

What is it about our landing page that attracts foreign users more so than our target audience (American Students and Private Instructors) : https://wizwonk.com

Any ideas??

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    Bot sign-ups possibly?

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    Have you checked the bounce rate on these? Sounds like bots to me.

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    It's probably more where you're getting traffic from than your landing page.

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    Wow, the bullshit level on this one...

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      🤔🤔🤔 what do you mean?

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        It's not really a question - it's just bullshit, trying to get traffic to his site. Do you see that he doesn't mention anywhere in the site "US"?

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          You seem very disrespectful. And exactly the kind of people we do not need on here. We can agree to disagree but I will be damn if you question my intention. This is a forum of exchange of ideas and only the weakest talk like you do. There are more bullshit coming from your side of the world (Eastern Europe) than anywhere else. So if anyone should know, It must be you.

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            By all means, if you interest was to get genuine feedback, you really need to learn to ask for feedback. As for this exact comment, says quite a lot about you as a person.

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              Now you get to experience what it feels like to be disrespected. Learn to behave yourself in public. Try to abide by the unspoken rules of decency. If you never insult anyone else going forward knowing full well that it will come right back to you, then I am fully satisfied. Hope you learned your lesson

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                LOL. You have understood exactly nothing.

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            He obviously did you wrong, but what you said - that's just racism ....

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