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Outseta is now 100% no-code for memberships, authentication, and content restrictions

Back in March @knight did a write-up about Outseta as an alternative solution to Memberstack. At the time, his primary criticism was that Outseta's authentication tools required writing some code.


In April we became a Webflow Integration Partner.

Now in May, we've launched 100% no-code authentication, memberships, and content restrictions.

You can learn more about our "No-code embed script" and authentication functionality here: https://go.outseta.com/support/kb#/articles/4zWZed9p/how-to-integrate-outseta-s-authentication-and-profile-widgets-with-a-webflow-website

More on content restrictions here: https://go.outseta.com/support/kb#/articles/z49EBLW7/how-to-restrict-content-so-it-s-only-accessible-to-members-or-subscribers

These have proven to be critically important updates for us and we've been overwhelmed with interest from no-code Webflow users ever since. Not only do we offer no-code memberships, authentication, and content restrictions, but for the same price Outseta customers can also access other tools they'll inevitably need—CRM, email, help desk, etc.

Give us a look at let us know if you have any questions! https://www.outseta.com/get-started

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