Outseta's equity allocation, expenses, and marketing results after four years

Today marks 4 years since I started working on my SaaS start-up, Outseta.

Here's an update on how we've allocated equity, what our costs have been, the progress we've made, and my biggest regrets. I hope this provides some useful benchmarks / info on what it takes to bootstrap a very ambitious SaaS product to life.


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    Terrific analysis/breakdown of your journey. Kind of mirrors our own, but then again, I guess a lot of bootstrapped SaaS startups follow a similar road.

    Interesting formula for working out your equity split though - I had never thought of doing it that way! Congrats also for keeping your outgoing costs so lean.

    This part of the post really resonated with me:

    "Website traffic? Vanity metric. Twitter followers? Nonsense. MQLs? There’s just no value in arbitrary lead quotas. None. They hurt more than they help.

    All that matters in marketing is how many buyers actually show up with buying intent. That’s it. "

    Says it all!

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      Thank you Devan! We're excited about what lies ahead in 2021. Appreciate you following our journey.


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    This is super interesting, thanks for sharing. 😇

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      Thank you Rosie! We've had a few referrals come through recently that you're responsible for, so that you so much for the support! -Geoff

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        🙌 Happy to hear! Gotta support the indie hackers ❤️

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