Outseta's "no-codification" is now complete

Hey all,

I'm super excited to share that Outseta's "no-codification" is now complete! There have already proven to be the most impactful product changes we've made in 4+ years.

  1. You can now turn any website into a subscription or membership business in less than two minutes, no matter how "non-technical" you are. If you can link a call-to-action button to a URL, you can now add a subscription checkout process and professional grade authentication to your site.

  2. We also launched a visual builder that allows you to fully customize the design of Outseta's sign-up, login, and profile widgets. The builder gives you a live preview of exactly what your forms will look like when integrated with your website, then generates preconfigured code snippets or links you can simply drop into your pages.

Here's a 5-minute video overview: https://outseta.wistia.com/medias/w07xr4tp2y

If you have any questions, just holler!

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    Just learned about Outseta, looks like a great tool. How can this be used for SaaS?
    I get what this page says https://www.outseta.com/saas-scaffolding however what would a typical setup look like?

    If I use a no-code page somewhere how do I make sure it is only accessible after login.

    This is not a support question, genuinely curious how that would work.

    1. 1

      Hey @alexsorokoletov!

      You can setup pages or folders of content that are only accessible to authenticated users with the appropriate subscription level: https://go.outseta.com/support/kb#/articles/z49EBLW7/how-to-protect-content-so-it-s-only-accessible-to-members-or-subscribers.

      Additionally, Outseta passes a JWT token when a user authenticates that includes information on who the user is, what subscription their on, and additional information that your SaaS product can use to control who can access what.

      Our customers are roughly half traditional SaaS, half no-code membership sites.


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        Great, I did not see that part and this article is definitely helpful!
        Thank you!

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    Nice! I had to role my own for a Webflow project. Do you offer support for services like Auth0?

    1. 2

      Yes, we offer our own authentication tools quite similar to Auth0 but much easier to setup!

      1. 1

        In my case, the client required Auth0. That said, I work with a Webflow design shop that will need something like Outseta. I expect to use it in the future.

        Best of luck!

        1. 1

          Awesome! Happy to show you around whenever the time is right.

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    Congrats, very cool product!

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