Self Care February 13, 2020

Outside Interest/hobby/activity other than your side-hustle?

Tony Chan @scoops86

Building a bootstrapped startup can be a grind! I've found balancing an outside interest/activity/hobby has been helpful to keep me sane and grounded, especially during the tough times.

What are some interest/hobby/activity you all have outside of what you're hacking on? Curious to hear what you all are involved in other than a side-hustle, if any.

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    I like to go singing with my friends. Also really enjoy drawing since it's so easy to get into a flow state.

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    Music is a passion:

    Reading, writing, learning, giving time to something/someone other than a self-interest, which can include being active on IH! 🙃

    Sometimes it's just nice to unplug from the screens, step outside, take a massive breath and 'reboot'. 😉