Outsourcing my first role 😳

The time has come where I've finally decided to outsource my first role 😳

I'm equal parts nervous and excited for the road ahead.

Now, this whole side-project thing feels real!

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d build a business that provides an income for myself, let alone for someone else.

While I always planned to stay a one-person operation, there’s a few key reasons why I’m looking to outsource.

When it comes to my product, the more content I produce, the more value I create.

Each week, I work hard to record, edit, and publish a 3-hour no-code course.

Over the past few months, the process of video editing has slowly become repetitive and tedious.

At the moment, I spend about 3-4 days a week editing and exporting my content…

When I was initially building this as a side project, I never put a value on my time, but now, I can see how much it’s costing me in the long run.

As the no-code industry becomes more ubiquitous, my goal is to plant as many seeds as possible over the next 2 years.

By outsourcing my video editing, it’ll give me time to focus on recording more content for customers.

When it came to outsourcing, I’ve spent the last few weeks vetting contractors on Upwork.

After running through a round of video calls with a list of final candidates, I’ve come to a decision.

I’ve decided to focus on working with a contractor that didn’t necessarily have the best skills, but was genuinely passionate about their craft, and had a willingness to learn along the way.

While I'm content with my decision, I actually have no idea how it will pan out.

You see, I've spent the past 2 years trying to pass level 1 as a maker.

On my journey to monetisation, I made countless mistakes, then over time, discovered a viable path.

Now that I'm on level 2 of the journey, there's a whole new set of challenges and mistakes that I'll be bound to make.

The best thing I can do is acknowledge that they will exist, then try to mitigate any risks before they happen.

If everything was to suddenly fail miserably, I can always revert back to manually doing this work myself.

Let's see how this goes 🚀

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    Awesome, Lachlan! Good luck on your journey with your new contractor. :)

    As a nit-pick, I found the article pretty hard to read on IH because every sentence was its own paragraph. Usually paragraphs group ideas together, which makes skimming a lot easier. Now I know that you copied this 1:1 from Twitter but had it not been you I would probably not have read the whole thing, just because of the formatting.

    1. 2

      Thanks mate. Looking forward to the road ahead.

      Appreciate the feedback on the post formatting too!

      1. 1

        You're welcome. Always happy to help. :)

  2. 1

    🙌🙌 Way to go! 😉

  3. 1

    hey @LachlanKirkwood I'm a customer and indie hacker I had no idea you were on this site. love the content man keep it coming.
    wish you the best.

    1. 1

      Thanks Edgar! I stumbled across Indie Hackers two years ago and have left since 😍

    1. 1

      Appreciate it Mintasir 🙏

  4. 1

    More success ahead!

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