Over 300 creators are selling on the AppSumo Marketplace. Ask us anything!

I’m Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo and founder of Sumo Group (AppSumo, SendFox, and Sumo.com).

After 10 years of growing the AppSumo software community, we’re excited to introduce the new AppSumo Marketplace. The Marketplace is a platform for creators to sell their products and reach a network of everyday entrepreneurs. You may have seen our feature on Product Hunt last week.

Through the Marketplace, creators within our community decide their product’s pricing and promotion, and AppSumo highlights products from these impressive hustlers.

Unlike standard limited-time select deals on AppSumo, Marketplace listings remain evergreen. The Marketplace features the BEST tools to help fellow entrepreneurs grow, including:

  • Software
  • Downloadable content (PDFs, ebooks, etc)
  • Courses

In our first 3 months, we’ve listed products from over 300 Marketplace partners and paid out nearly $500,000 to them. In addition to the $$, these makers receive constant constructive feedback to help improve their products. PLUS, they’re growing their audiences while increasing credibility among fellow business owners.

We’re continuing to improve the Marketplace to help YOU launch and grow your business. (And of course, make money.) Today, the AppSumo team and I are here to answer your questions!

  • What questions do you have about selling on the Marketplace? What’s holding you back?
  • If you’re selling on the Marketplace, what’s your experience been like?
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    Disclaimer: My questions are rather biased because I'm against LTDs.

    Why would anyone serious consider hosting their site on the marketplace?

    1.1 You have to offer a heavy discount, so you're attracting people that don't consider your software valuable enough to pay full price.

    1.2 These people expect the world for $49 bucks, that you as a solo-maker will probably not satisfy.

    1. You'll be associated with cheap and rushed products.

    2. You'll make pennies, assuming that you guys take 70% of the already heavily discounted price.

    3. You're being unfair toward the users that find you through other channels, users that are probably more invested in your software than deal hunters.

    1. 7

      Also, most of the "yay AppSumo Marketplace" comments are from accounts created today.

      Very suspicious 🧐

      1. 2

        Yea, a lot are from small developers on our marketplace. We told them about this community and the post.

    2. 5


      When Amazon and Southwest launched they were the lowest price providers. They no longer are. Brands evolve over time.

      We’ve promoted LinkedIn, MailChimp, Freshbooks, Mixpanel, Optimizely, Tim Ferriss, Eric Ries and many serious brands. The products on our marketplace are in good company.

      1. You don’t have to offer a discount. You control pricing.

      2. Creators get 70-95% and don’t have to do any marketing. Pretty good deal to me :)

      3. We do have deal hunters and we also have many serious agencies, businesses and creators like yourself.

      Hope to see your product on there in the future.

      1. 9

        Were those promoted on the marketplace, or as part of a launch? I don't doubt the value of creating a major launch with AppSumo, but listing on the marketplace? Not so much.

        Nonetheless, I haven't been able to find the companies you mentioned in the marketplace.

        I'm going to demonstrate my point with data from your own website. We're "IndieHackers" after all.

        Out of 336 listings on the marketplace, 99.10% of the products were discounted and the average product sells for 29.22% of its original price. [0]

        This seems to confirm that heavy discounting is generally expected by people browsing the marketplace.

        [0] https://i.imgur.com/C4uAGb8.png

        1. 3

          Hey Farouq

          Do you have a product we can promote?

          Those are companies we at AppSumo have promoted over the year.

          The prices are decided by the creators, not us.

          Also, nice coding skills -- maybe you can join us?

          1. 1

            @noahkagan you deal with the backsass like a champ

          2. 1

            I do have 2 live products, might have one more suited for an LTD launch in 2021.

            Can't join, too much to do as is - would love to network though!

            1. 1

              Nice man. I saw nimble.

              Hit me up noah at appsumo

              Love to help you out.

    3. 4


      It does look like you are giving away your product for pennies but you are not seeing the benefits.

      First, Getting new users for new SAAS product is extremely hard and cost a lot. Many products fail without getting much traction ever; because a lack of marketing or funds to improve the product.

      Now, You can raise funding through venture capital which is even more difficult and give away 20-30% of your company or you can raise enough money through a few thousand new users who will use your product and give you honest feedback so you can improve it instead of switching to something else.

      Most users don't even use the product and just buy it in case they need it or don't use it to its full potential so maintaining the user doesn't cost much which is already low for many SAAS products.

      Many multi-million companies offered lifetime deals on AppSumo like Grammarly, Intercom, Shopify, Zapier and so on.

      There is definitely an opportunity here to grow your product.

    4. 1

      First of all, we are dead serious and had not a moment of hesitation to put our product in the market. We've invested a ton of time and creativity and money developing our product, and we want to get it out to the broadest user base possible. And to do so profitably so we can stay in business. The revenue share is quite equitable.

      1. I don't find the Marketplace full of cheap and rushed products. In fact, quite the opposite. The products I've found there have been well made and quality, so I'm happy to have my product included in the collection. It's actually been validation of our quality, and a proof point that we have something of value to offer.

      2. I don't think we're being unfair to other customers who pay full price for our product. This is a very typical thing in the software business and I've been in it for a long time. It's like saying you don't want to sell on Amazon because they'll offer your product for less than your list price, or letting Best Buy offer a screaming Black Friday deal ... I used to hear software vendors say they would NEVER put their product online because it would undercut their brick and mortar retail business! Products have different prices in different channels at different times. There's a trade off -- we offer a great deal at the lowest price we can afford to, but we get great exposure that we don't have to use advertising dollars to get.

      3. There are bargain-hunters there, but 98% of the customers we've gotten have been truly happy to get a great deal on a quality tool they can use, have been generous with feedback, and are a great bunch of users to have.

      1. 2

        You're selling lifetime access to the enterprise plan for $97, which goes for $58/month on your main website. Your Amazon comparison isn't close to that.

        1. 0

          Indeed. Glad you found our screaming deal. 97 bucks for a LIFETIME of use vs $697 a year. Proves the point that the marketplace is full of great deals. Maybe we'll raise the price later. :-)

    5. 1

      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    Grateful to be part of the marketplace launch with my Freelancing Masterclass!

    The AppSumo team is very thorough in making sure the process is seamless in getting listed with all the information you would want as the creator. Kudos to you and the team!

    1. 4


      Great to see you my man.

      Pumped to have your product listed on the marketplace.

      Think there is a HUGE opportunity for people who get listed / reviewed early in the marketplace.

  3. 8

    I have seen a few comments saying that the Marketplace is not good for the community.

    To me, that doesn't hold true. The AppSumo Marketplace is a testing ground for new creators and new makers.

    It is a place for founders to prove they have what it takes to create a product, run a marketing campaign, and find success.

    I'm currently on the marketplace with my product Cartfuel (https://appsumo.com/cartfuel/) and honestly, it has been an amazing experience.

    And no I'm not just saying that.

    The AppSumo community has made Cartfuel a better product in a very short amount of time.

    To anyone who is thinking about going on the marketplace I highly recommend it!

    Here are some tips if you do decide to release your product on the marketplace:

    1. Make sure you have a support team in place. You will get a lot of questions and you want to make sure you respond to them in a timely fashion. A support team can be just you, or you can find a VA and have them do it. Regardless, you need to make sure you are handing the support questions. Bonus tip: use something like Tidio to handle support questions via livechat (they have a free plan)

    2. Have a marketing plan in place. In order to make the best out of the marketplace make sure that you have some type of marketing plan. For us, we use Facebook groups, Twitter, and community forums to find people who may be interested in our product. It worked great!

    3. Listen. Listen to the community. Listen to all feedback regardless if it's good or bad. Understand why they are saying what they are saying so that you can make your product better.

    4. Be kind. Not everyone is going to support you. You will find people who are just trolling or jealous. Be kind to them anyway and thank them for their feedback.

    5. Have a product roadmap. People want to support you but they also want to make sure what they are buying will continue to be worked on after the deal is done. It's very important to sumo-lings!

    Regardless if you are doing a full AppSumo launch or launching on the Marketplace, AppSumo gives founders an incredible resource to not only make money but get early feedback so that you can pivot and make your product the best it can be.

    1. 7

      Thanks for sharing this, the whole team at AppSumo loved your words! Keep growing :)

      1. 4

        Thank you @olman! Glad it was well received!

    2. 7

      Yes! i totally agree with you. Thanks for sharing.

      And I am soooo grateful to Appsumo for their Marketplace.
      What a Heart Centered way to support entrepreneurs!

      1. 3

        It's awesome what they are doing!

    3. 6

      Wow. Love that you shared bullet points above.

      Sharing with our team your post. So inspiring.

      1. 3

        Hey Noah! Thank YOU and your team!

  4. 8

    Published contactless payments for small business teams on Appsumo Marketplace. They made it easy and were very helpful.
    You can check it out here:

    1. 4

      So wild how many indie hackers have products live on the marketplace. yay.

  5. 8

    AppSumo Marketplace is great. I published my Software LTD on AppSumo Marketplace one month ago. It's a great opportunity. Our Product allows Facebook Group Owners to automate new members onboarding.

    You can checkout Group Collector in the marketplace here:


    Thanks You AppSumo!

    1. 3

      Thank you for the support! Glad to hear its been smooth. We're happy to have you on the Marketplace!

  6. 8

    AppSumo Marketplace is just awesome guys, I have just published my startup there and already got our first sales on the first 24hours ! It's a huge opportunity for us and we're humbled to be featured on the largest entrepreneur marketplace 😍
    You can see our product on the new marketplace here : https://appsumo.com/boontoday/
    Thank you Noah ! 🔥

    1. 6

      That is AWESOME Shai!

      Congrats on the first sell.

      Always the hardest and just the beginning :)

    2. 5

      Boom! Congrats Shai. Hope to see you up to in a few months 😎

    3. 5

      Wow! Congratulations on this win, @Shai_BoonToday,
      Yes, Appsumo Marketplace is a blessing! Like you, I am sooo grateful to them!
      I too have experienced the fabulous sales on my listings & I've just got started :)

      This was my first listing on Marketplace, last month:
      After an amazing experience with this one, I've launched another product this week!

      More power to you! Happy Sales!

    4. 4

      Your product is great Shai 🙌

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    We have an offer on the marketplace as image4io now. I know we need to boost first (which is not I look for from listing on AppSumo), but I didn't have a chance to promote it. So I think this right place to do that.

    Visit our marketplace offering and let us know what you think. Here it is: https://appsumo.com/image4io/

    1. 3

      Thank you for being a part of the Marketplace! 🚀

  8. 7

    Man, I'm telling you... This @noahkagan guy is going places!! One day you're gonna be such a successful founder. Completely changing the way startups do validation and whatnot. LMK if I can help you. Love helping founders who're at the very start of their career.

    1. 2

      💪 We're just getting started!

      1. 1

        I was joking chief hahha. But curious to see where the marketplace is gonna go!! Excited!

  9. 7

    I know there is controversy whether AppSumo is good or not, and it certainly might be that in some cases LTD is not the best option. But for an E-Book product like Start With A Side-Project, selling on AppSumo is great as it gives me another channel to sell through.

    Would I recommend it to all Indie Hackers? Certainly not. Do your thinking and consider all options.

    1. 3

      Thanks for the genuine and honest feedback Noy!! 🚀

  10. 7


    we just launch our 1st product on Appsumo Marketplace
    and the best part is we're getting sales for a small fee 10%
    check out our offer ; https://appsumo.com/marketplace-streamr/


    1. 2

      Thank you for being a part of the Marketplace! 🚀

  11. 7

    I submit a lot of product on many places - the review process here with real human which help you got your product validated is something I see for the first time only in the AppSummo team. Others marketplaces are like "we don't want to sell your product"

    1. 5

      That’s exactly why we started the marketplace! We believe every founder should have the opportunity to share their product with the world. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

    2. 3

      Martin - thanks for being apart of this awesome journey 🚀

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    Hey @noahkagan and Appsumo Team 💜
    Thank you for creating an incredibly powerful platform of Appsumo Marketplace 🙏🏼
    I've already launched one of digital products there and best part is: the cash register has started ringing 😍 Thanks to you!

    But I wonder why are my (old) clients are NOT able to write a REVIEW inspite of signing up with Appsumo (They have already purchased this product from me BEFORE I launched them on Appsumo Marketplace & they are willing to write a review. But they are NOT able to) Also, there's still no way to get access of buyers from Appsumo who bought my digital products :( Any suggestion on how do I fix this? Thank you!

    Here's the link for my digital products, for which I have this question:
    Target Audience Clarity Tool: https://appsumo.com/marketplace-target-audience-clarity-tool/
    eBook + Free Tool: Beyond Personal Loss: https://appsumo.com/marketplace-ebook-beyond-personal-loss/

    1. 3


      CONGRATS on already making sales.

      Thanks for the feedback. The marketplace is 3 months old so many improvements will be coming shortly.

      1. 2

        Wow! I did not know that!
        Thank you again ❣️

        I'll be happy to be of help to you and your amazing team, in anyway possible. Lemme know how :)

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    I'm selling a podcast editing course on the Marketplace (https://appsumo.com/learn-edit-your-own-podcast/) and it has effin' killed. That's relative of course since my idea of "killed" might be different than yours, so let me qualify it: I've earned an average of $129 a day since I launched. For a 4-hour course on podcast editing (which, if I could pop my collar a little bit here cause I feel good about it, has a perfect 5-star rating from 31 sumolings) which necessitates just 1-hour a week in live Facebook Q&A from me in ongoing labor, I rank that as being super excellent. I would also note that the prestige of the AppSumo platform provides me with an opportunity to mature the education side of my business much sooner and at a greater rate of success than would have been possible prior. The opportunity to sell on the Community Marketplace has enabled me to do something I was going to have to work another year to do... so, is it awesome? Yes. 100%

    Noah if you're savvy for a one on one, you know how to get a hold of me. I do have "real talk" feedback but I suspect the AppSumo team may already be aware of those things and in at least one case I know are already working to improve them - I'm hesitant to drop any critical feedback for a program that is so new because I think people online tend to look for the negative and then give it undue weight. What you're doing is awesome, and while there may be a couple of friction points, I know they won't remain. That you and your team have managed to get this so close to perfect in this short a period of time is really admirable.

    Takeaway for anyone reading this: worth the time, worth the energy, and I suspect that will only prove to be increasingly true as the program matures.

    Awesome job Noah and crew; you're killing it.

    1. 5

      This is awesome and nice use of holding in your post :)

      Total team effort to make this happen for you!

      Seann Stubbs who runs the marketplace will holler.

      1. 3

        Of course. Congrats again.

  14. 7

    I am really happy my project was accepted to AppSumo, It is long process to apply fill all these forms but in the end it is really nice source of traction. I already got some customers https://appsumo.com/botmake/ Hope I can be promoted soon as well 🚀

    1. 4

      We are really happy you are apart of the AppSumo Marketplace as well! 😃

  15. 7

    Hi Noah and team. My SaaS product is https://appreviewbot.com/ which allows mobile app devs and product managers to receive their app reviews in Slack or MS Teams.

    Would this sort of niche product fit on the Marketplace or is it for more general products?

    1. 4

      Hey there! That's a PERFECT product for Marketplace 🚀 Submit it here👈

  16. 7

    Big things you've built Noah, congrats.

    I have my product as well, sumo-lings are a little bit more demanding than your regular user, not to mention they can get a full refund (fair), but you get more exposure.

    1. 3

      Pumped to have y'all in the Marketplace!

  17. 6

    We just launched our product on the Marketplace, which is a pack of 100+ Viral Content Templates for social media (https://appsumo.com/the-viral-content-templates-100-social-media-canva-templates-that-are-proven-to-go-viral/) and within the first hour we got a sale and a 5 star review.

    I can't wait to see how many more entrepreneurs we can reach and help together!


    1. 2

      Props to you for having an awesome product 👏

  18. 6

    Really enjoying being in the AppSumo marketplace. I understand some people's aversion to being an LTD. For me the Marketplace was a great fit, the level of user, cost conscious, is more than happy to provide feedback, insight, highlights and lowlights. It's helping me shape the product, and reward those coming in at the beginning of my journey.

    Post Maker - Generate Social Media Content is my product on the marketplace.

    1. 1

      Love hearing how the community is helping shape the product and its future! Super pumped to have y'all be apart of the Marketplace.

  19. 6

    We also managed to get first sales within 24 hours after being published on the Marketplace a few days ago. https://appsumo.com/recommendmeonline/

    1. 1

      Booya! Love hearing that 💪🏼 Onwards and upwards 📈

  20. 6

    Thanks, Noah!

    Glad to say I'm on the Marketplace! It's been a great opportunity to drive more people to my course here: https://appsumo.com/cold-email-master/

    And you guys made it super easy. Happy to answer questions from anybody thinking about applying to join.

    1. 2

      Super happy to hear that the process was super easy!

      And thank you for opening up to be a resource to answer any questions about the process 💪

  21. 6

    Since marketplace listings are evergreen at a lower price instead of a time-limited sale, should makers be worried about the long-term perception of their product and its lower price via the AppSumo Marketplace vs. buying directly? Is there still a way to time price drops or is it just a single set price for the listing?

    I have a Google Sheets Add-on called BudgetSheet ( https://www.budgetsheet.net ) that I am considering listing.

    1. 4

      The Marketplace helps millions of potential customers discover products like your Google Sheets Add-on. By selling on the Marketplace, you can accelerate your product's growth, increasing product feedback and overall brand awareness.

      When you sell on Marketplace, you control the pricing, so if you don't want to offer a discount, you don't have to! And if you want to change price-point you can 💰

      1. 2

        @vlucas - I know Seann has already answered your question. And don't worry, as Seann mentioned you have control over your listing. Isn't that cool?

        You are awesome, @seannstubbs And once again, Thanks to YOU and the entire Appsumo team for giving me an opportunity to serve others with my products & to make sales on Marketplace.
        I am and I will always be Grateful to @noahkagan and ALL of you 🙏🏼

        BTW, you may not remember me, but you helped me with my FIRST product launch on market place: Target audience Clarity Tool: https://appsumo.com/marketplace-target-audience-clarity-tool/

        I am super excited to share with you that I launched my 2nd one, yesterday :)

        Thanks & Thanks again to Appsumo Marketplace 💜

        1. 1

          Thank you Rupa!! ❤️

  22. 5

    Thanks Noah! We launched on the Market Place. Thanks so much for making it available to regular business owners. The process was simple because you have a great system in place and staff that is very helpful.

    We recommend using this platform.

    You can see our deal here: https://appsumo.com/unimation-media/

    1. 3

      Love seeing y'all in the Marketplace 🚀 Thank you for the support ❤️

  23. 5

    Launching on AppSumo Marketplace helped us build our initial set of users (and customers!) very rapidly. They aren’t just regular users either - they’re far more enthusiastic and willing to give you feedback to help you build a better product. These are the ideal kind of users for launching any product or service.

    I also want to call out the AppSumo staff, and Kayle Hill specifically, who have been extremely responsive and helpful in making sure our marketplace page is ready for launch. You can check it out here: https://appsumo.com/thumblink

    1. 2

      That's exactly what the community is all about. Launching a business, getting customers and getting invaluable feedback that will take y'all to the next level🚀

      And thank you soo much for the kind words!

  24. 5

    I'm excited to hear about opportunities to sell eBooks and courses. I thought it was all software stuff, and I'm not a developer.

    What kinds of businesses are seeing success selling these products on your platform?

    1. 3

      Hey there! Yes! We’re looking for any digital product or tool that will help hustlers grow.📈 If you’ve got a SaaS solution, ebook, PDF, template library, online course, WordPress plugin, Chrome extension, membership, or conference tickets — we want you to join the Marketplace!

      Submit your product here!

  25. 5

    @noahkagan is this a new product?

    I have been a subscriber to AppSumo for years. Why are you saying 3 months and $500k?

    Your website says founded in 2010 and 15 million in rev transacted.

    What am I missing here?

    1. 4

      Hey! So AppSumo Marketplace is a bit different from the original store, AppSumo. The marketplace is where founders can list directly and set their pricing and do their promotions. The classic AppSumo deals curated by the team have indeed been around for much longer and are still available. Hope that helps clarify. Happy to answer any questions.

    2. 1

      This comment was deleted a year ago.

  26. 5

    Hey, we're really happy to have our product CLOSEM in the AppSumo Marketplace. First of all, it was validation -- we built something we think is really great and we have users, but it felt like a step up when it was selected. The Marketplace is full of very cool tools, and I've been a "sumo-ling" since way back, as a customer to get some great deals on really valuable tools we still use, as well as free tutorials and other great advice. So we're very honored to be included among all the other great products there. One of the neatest things about being in the Marketplace (besides the exposure) is the wide variety of customers who have found us there -- accountants, educators, home service contractors, other software vendors, music producers, video producers, insurance agents ... broadening our user base, and giving us insights in ways to make CLOSEM even more useful a tool for a larger potential customer base. AppSumo users aren't shy about giving us feedback, and we've improved the product even in the short time we've been in the market based on suggestions we've gotten. It's a great place to introduce your product! The exposure is great, and we're offering a screaming discount with a LIFETIME subscription, so check it out at https://appsumo.com/closem/

    @noahkagan has done the entrepreneur community a great service with AppSumo. No hesitation at all about recommending it as a user, and as a vendor.

    1. 3

      I love you Richard!

      This made my month reading your comment.

      So excited to have you part of this and be a part of your success.

      1. 1

        Such a role model man!

  27. 5

    Congratulations Noah!

    I can attest to how awesome Marketplace platform is. I've been working with their kind and helpful team for a few weeks to get my first AppSumo listing up and running. It went live last week. It's been a great first few days!

    Not only that, but the whole ecosystem is very friendly. Paced Email - https://appsumo.com/paced-email/ - has been well received so far and I've already made several dozen amazing contacts. Everyone is super pumped and generous with their feedback.

    Good luck to Noah, AppSumo and everyone on the team.

    Thanks for welcoming me into the community!

      1. 3

        Thank you for sharing a little more about your experience! The Sumo-ling community is indeed a great place to get feedback on your product.

        Cheers for being apart of this 🚀

    1. 1

      Hola Darren. Great to see you.

    2. 1

      👋🏼 What's up Darren!

  28. 4

    Hi @noahkagan

    How do I find marketplace items?
    Seems no menu item on site and they don't show in browse...
    Yes they show if type the name in searchbox but that's not easy for discovery.

    It is clearly a second tier within appsumo, but seems to be crippled to obscurity.
    As it stands I see little to no benefit to listing on marketplace, but may be missing something and will rethink this position if the situation changes.
    Look forward to your comments.

    Finally does my new tesla come with ludicrous mode?!

    1. 3

      You can check them all out in our Marketplace Collection

      As we continue to grow the Marketplace we are going to continue to evolve how end customers are discovering all these awesome new products.

      We have multiple algorithms that are being tested at any one point in time, with the end goal of increasing discoverability and conversion rate. These impact how the products appear ranked in the collection. There are a number of factors the impact these rankings, for example: Deal Page Traffic, Sales, New Buyers, # of Reviews, Quality of Reviews, and Past Purchases, to name a few. 🚀 We will continue to optimize these as we get more and more data.

      P.s. The Tesla comes in Sumo-mode!! Good luck 🤞

      1. 1

        Surely marketplace deserves at least a footer link, even if not top menu!
        Hiding so far must be killing it's value.

        I hope that quantity over quality proves the right strategy for appsumo.
        But fear that the dilution is killing the value to end users, even if it boosts short term bottom line. This started well before marketplace.

        1. 2

          It's one of our main collections on the Browse page, giving it prime exposure, even better than a footer link =)

          1. 2

            I'm an existing customer of yours and familiar with the site.
            Yet it needed an off site direction and literal finger pointing for me to find this, even when I had earlier visited the site with the sole purpose of checking out the site.

            Maybe I subconsciously train myself to ignore the collections since it is not how I want to search.
            I would typically check, in this order:

            1. Top menu
            2. homepage listed products (since latest at top and I've seen older)
            3. Categories list on side
            4. Bottom footer links
            5. Given up

            If this is a key focus, you need to make it easy to find, where ever people are in the site. Collections feels like a throwaway idea that will be replaced next week, just like the black Friday alongside it.

            1. 1

              Great feedback! And thank you for sharing your typical behavior, very helpful. The collection will not be the "forever" home for these deals. In fact in the near future Marketplace deals will be discoverable on the main browse page as well.

  29. 3

    I've enjoyed tremendous support from the AppSumo team when launching @BetterSheets on the marketplace. It's been the crowning achievement of 2020 for me.

  30. 3

    Hey Noah! I love AppSumo, do you think we can partner to launch a deal our new SaaS qr.io ?

    1. 3

      Let me know when your product is live. I'll be first customer.

      1. 1

        Hi Noah! Thank you very much for the opportunity! The deal is live: https://appsumo.com/qrio/

    2. 2

      Hey there Lucas! Would be awesome to get qr.io on the Marketplace! You can submit it here

  31. 2

    AppSumo is not only for SaaS, as some may think. E.g. we were first private startup community to be featured on AppSumo - https://appsumo.com/marketplace-growthclub/. So I'd say anything that Sumo-lings may like could potentially qualify.

  32. 2

    Hello to everyone Indy hacker here and thank you for reading this. I am Takis Athanassiou, and I am a business consultant, advisor, trainer, course developer, instructional designer and author, aiming to help people leveraging their knowledge and skills in the face of the digital market.

    I am a strategist and hacker trying to find the best ways to help people to overcome their obstacles (business and personal ones). And one of them is personal productivity which is a recurring motif in all the efforts serious people doing in achieving intended results.

    This is the reason I wrote a book about personal productivity that I have also released at AppSumo Marketplace (https://appsumo.com/marketplace-towards-personal-productivity/) because it is a place that I trust and it is supported by a group of highly skilled and motivated people.

    I trust AppSumo and Noah's insights about the future trends of market and Appsumo was one of the best places for small business owners to find best deals at affordable prices.

    So I think it is a good place to showcase some of your products/services. What do you think?

    And while being there, please take a look at my book (https://appsumo.com/marketplace-towards-personal-productivity/). May it help you achieve your goals and focus on what matter most to you.

    Thank you for your attention.

  33. 2

    I m happy for selecting my product for marketplace - appsumo.com/socialq
    Waiting for getting more exposure 🙂

  34. 2

    Thanks Noah for the posts. As a entrepreneur like myself who has rolled out MailExperts, an email security software that deals with email threats using machine learning at https://appsumo.com/mail-experts, getting on board Appsumo marketplace has been positive. We are able to reach out to a global audience without the need to spend heavily on advertising. its really a good marketing testing ground for entrepreneurs like us.

  35. 2

    Unpopular opinion:
    Hi Noah,
    Probably everyone knows about AppSumo. Having said that, seems like 95%+ of the comments come from people that just created an account here, and brag about how great the market place is (and you already said at some point - you've told them you've posted here, probably provided them with the link).
    Are you genuinely interested in our feedback?

    1. 1

      What Seann said. Love to hear your experience.

    2. 1

      We're interested in hearing from both sides!

      1. Connecting with Indie Hacker members with dope products that are not on the AppSumo Marketplace yet. We want to know what’s holding you back?
      2. Hearing from existing partners and how their experience has been thus far!
      1. 1

        I do get that, but personally, it would have been preferable if you had two threads. Now, it's pretty much impossible to really see what the IHs think (for me, that is).

        I am not sure why Marketplace is better than what you had before, I do know that up until now, besides the fact that I'd need to provide a heavily discounted lifetime deal, you would take roughly 75% of that. That is a huge NO-NO from me.

        As for the new marketplace, I don't see any details as to - assuming I put my product there - , how much of that will go to me.

  36. 1

    Hello Noah! I would love to talk to you more about how customerdiscovery.co would be a great addition to your AppSumo marketplace!

  37. 1

    Impressed by how Noah and the team always bring new concepts to the market.

    Been a fan of Noah for quite a few years and when Pickagem - (https://appsumo.com/marketplace-ready-to-use-agreement-templates-for-website-owners-/) was selected for inclusion in the Marketplace, I was sure it would bring a great value to the product.

    The team is super quick, the revenue split is fair and we got our first sale 4 days after launch.

    The difficult part: Getting the first reviews. Specially for a downloadable product (purchasers are not required to login and redeem in our website - they get the download straight after their purchase - so no contact option for us here to request a follow up review).

    Maybe for Marketplace deals where the download is given directly to customer - AppSumo could add a way of communication - just a thought!

    Thank you Noah and AppSumo for this opportunity :)

  38. 1

    What are the categories allowed in your marketplace?

    1. 1

      As of now anything that helps fellow entrepreneurs. Books, Courses & Software.

  39. 1

    I guess my only comment would be, are we creating a culture where everyone expects everything to cost nearly nothing, and no one wants to pay full price anymore.

    The tag line of the website is "Never pay full price for software again", and that is the mindset it is creating. Is it actually - in the long run - detrimental to creators vs a few quick sales.

    LTD's I guess are fine for creating some visibility but the cost of that sale continues long after they've paid that one-off amount. AppSumo etc get a hefty cut but I would continue to pay the cost of the service for that customer. So at some point, I'd be losing money on that customer month after month.

    I'm very much in two minds about them and not convinced I'd want to put our service onto Appsumo or similar.

    1. 3

      Appreciate hearing this Phil. Something we've considered over many years at AppSumo.

      Many companies do LTDs as customer generation and offer additional offerings later to those people. So most of our partners do not lose money.

      Feel free to email me (noah at appsumo); love for you to try out the marketplace if you want new customers at no cost. Even if you did charge your normal price or just a one year special so we can see how it benefits you (or not).

      1. 4

        Thanks Noah, I'm sure we will be in touch sometime soon. For me personally, I would be thinking about maybe a one-year special which automatically goes to a full price in the second year. Something me and Phil will need to discuss and have a think over of what we could actually offer etc.

      2. 1

        yep I think my main issue is just with the LTD aspect of it and we'd then need to upsell to make it worth it. I assume Appsumo works by taking payment and issuing a coupon code. If that is the case then maybe as @ronperkins said, we could offer a reduced first year and then it auto-switches to a full-priced year in year two.

        It would be good if AppSumo dealt with subscription-based offerings as well as LTDs and then you could make repeated commissions beyond just a one-off payment.

        If I can sell subscriptions then I'm happy to pay out commissions to anyone who can send me a lot of sales, but it needs to be subscriptions.

        Let us have a think and get in touch @noahkagan

        1. 2

          Hey Phil

          We are actively working on offering subscription based options and your idea of first year reduced as well.

          Be well.

          1. 1

            Sounds like a good option to add and it would certainly interest me. You'd need to adjust the commission structure if you were to take commissions into the 2nd year where there are no marketing costs as the sale is already won and done.

  40. 1

    Just want to give my hats off to both Noah, Seann, and the rest of the AppSumo team for allowing us entrepreneurs to showcase our products on their marketplace. This is by far one of the best opportunities to get your business up and rolling with maximum visibility.

    You guys have created something very special in this industry. Having a digital marketplace of software products is like a trade show without the hefty rental fees. I am very astonished and elated to be part of your marketplace.

    I feel very humbled, honored, and blessed that you chose 3D Chat Buddy, a 3D Avatar Multilingual Chatbot that can increase sales, conversions, and customer satisfaction on autopilot.

    You can find our product here: https://appsumo.com/3d-chat-buddy/.

    God bless you guys a thousand folds! You guys truly deserve 100/10 stars. Keep crushing it!

    P.S. We just went live a couple of weeks ago and made 7 sales without even social media marketing!

  41. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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