Over 50 signups but need to tweak some things.

For the past month, since we launched Highly, we have gotten over 50 users. These are all kinds of blogs, including movie, travel, tech, DIY, brand, sport, marketing, among others.

In order to start using Highly, you need to paste our JS script tag into your HTML, so you can integrate our tooltip into your site. We have noticed is that the users who have actually integrated are either tech blogs or larger blogs of any topic, which I assume employ devs. Most other blogs are just not integrating.

This has lead me to the conclusion that there is too much friction for non-devs to integrate with Highly, even though it literally takes 2 min.

Therefore, I am considering one of two options. We either build a WordPress plugin, which simplifies integration or we target only tech bloggers since they are the ones who are actually using Highly.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Anyway, here is to 50 users!

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    I think eventually, you'd have to do both.
    You could start with targeting tech bloggers to gain enough traction first, before creating plugins for other platforms like WordPress

    1. 1

      Hi Stephen, thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, right now we are focusing on tech bloggers and started FB ads today!

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