Growth August 6, 2020

Overnight success?

Leo Nagano @Leo

-- Post from this tweet storm --

There is no “overnight success”

• Be consistent
• Give value
• Help others
• Previous experience helps



Has been lifting people up for 15+ years

• Helping others
• Giving value
• Building communities



Has been working hard to deliver

• 2017 - Quit his job
• 3 years with no income
• Apr/20 - $15 donation (His first money with


Has been giving ton of value with
since May 2019

• Failed with 3 projects
• Tried to get attention from Kanye West. Failed Again

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    Great post. Honored to be mentioned with @rosiesherry and @harrydry

    1. 2

      2020 our year chief

    2. 2

      Thanks Dru! Well deserved. Been following your journey!

  2. 2

    Great post, totally agree! Everyone focuses on the end result, not the work behind the scenes it took to get there.

    1. 1

      Yes, it's to be blinded by end results only. No one sees the tough journey

  3. 1

    Overnight success?

    Did you think it was overnight success or found people who thought so? What is the premise? Does anyone really think that when a new iPhone is released and they make $1b in sales on first day it's an overnight success that only took 24 hours to create?

    1. 1

      I tried to illustrated some successful people here. Why did I chose them? I've been following their journey for a while. Most Indie Hackers know who they are. There are people who think success might come quickly.

      1. 1

        I forgot to say that I understood and liked the point of the post and why those specific people were highlighted. I am only questioning the title and people saying "success doesn't come overnight" when I never hear anyone saying the opposite "success does usually come overnight". For me it's like stating the obvious which everyone already agrees upon.

      2. 1

        There are people who think success might come quickly.

        I always hear people saying this, but I never actually met anyone who thinks someone's success was easy to achieve. Yes, there are people who cheat the system (eg. corrupt politicians) or get lucky (winning the lottery), but for legitimate businesses I think almost everyone agrees that at least some effort has to be put in before you get any positive results.

        1. 1

          I've seen so many people quitting their ideas because they thought that would be easy.

          Launch and they will come.

          I was one of those. Even after having a company for 10 years and knowing how painful it was. I thought Internet was a place to launch and have immediate success. Seriously. I wasn't prepared to failed launching side-projects.

          1. 1

            I agree that sometimes it is harder than you expect.

            One thing to note is that failures usually require even more effort than successes. The best thing that successful entrepreneurs can do compared to others is that they understand faster if a business is working or not and also can put into words why it is not working.

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    trial and error method :)

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