Page 404. Why do we give a F$%k about details in design of our products?

One of the main principles of our team in building of the product is Simplicity and Memes 😁.
Why? Actually, there are a lot of problems in UX / UI of products in the crypto industry. This happens due to the fact that market participants — technologists and financiers make products based on their prejudices, in other words, they make them for themselves 👨‍💻.

In order to stand out, projects either have to innovate in technology or provide new innovative designs.
Of course, the top products of the industry, such as Binance Exchange ,
Argent and Rainbow wallets, DEX Aggregators like 1inch Network and Matcha
are done at a high level. But still, most of the products look like interfaces from the early 2000s 💾.

You see the cover pic of this post – this is one of our 404 Pages. Why we care?
Imagine, a person surfing your website and gets to place he/she shouldn’t be, gets annoyed and either leaves the site, or still tries to find what he/she was looking for by returning to the main page.
This can be transformed from an annoying experience into a funny one, showing that your product cares about its community and empowering your branding one more time.

Main conclusions about 404 Page:

  1. The devil is in the details 😈.
  2. Memes are our everything 🤡.
  3. Leave Easter eggs in your products, people love Easter eggs 🥚.
    And where should they be, if not where the user should not be?

You can check this Page 404 by yourself if you want here: https://getmoni.io/fhkjsdhgfjk

And also you can check more insights and examples in essay that I wrote in Medium:

Or check the thread from Twitter: https://twitter.com/garrigabrel/status/1405219902043168770

Let me know your thoughts.
Much love...

  1. 1

    Very insightful info. Thanks for the article - something to seriously think about, when building my own SaaS! Don`t stick to details, unless users forcing you to do that!

  2. 1

    What if the person doesn't get the meme ?

    1. 1

      Then he/she is not our target audience :)

    1. 1

      Memes > 💰💰💰💰💰💰

  3. 1

    Thanks for sharing, btw I loved the home page!

  4. 1

    Great ideas, thanks

    1. 2

      you're welcome, hah :)

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