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Paid Membership/Newsletter using Wordpress? How to set it up?


I'm trying to set up a membership site using wordpress (that part's easy) but also have a paid newsletter component (e.g. mailchimp) so only registered (paid) users can sign up/have access to the newsletter and have the whole thing be streamlined easily.

So for e.g. a user registers, pays, and automatically becomes a member and is added to a mailchimp list

I did look into ghost but my main issue there is it seems difficult to create custom home/landing pages and I'm not a coder

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    Hello ybyalik, on WordPress you can easily put content behind a paywall using

    You can set it up exactly in the same way, user tries to register -> is asked to pay -> becomes a member and going further you can also automate the adding to MailChimp part.

    Alternatively, MailChimp guys have recently re-done their own website builder which supports payments out of the box and everything happens inside of Mailchimp

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    Hu ybyalik -- so I think The Prepared does this but I believe it's not an easy integration, I think it's more work/coding than setting up something with Ghost

    With Ghost, I would say you have a couple of options:

    1. set up a landing page on a different service, e.g., and have it automatically update the Ghost meberships via Zapier. No "coding" per se required, but some technical integration
    2. just buy a paid theme on Ghost with a home/landing page that's close enough to what you want

    I do think the time/money of doing it anywhere other than Ghost will end up far more than the one-time cost of figuring out a Ghost landing page, but might be wrong of course!

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    Check out We’ve got hosted signup and paid offer pages.

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