Paid-subscription Wordpress site needs overhaul and crypto-pay option added

I have an adult-content, paid-membership website. Everything is legal and legitimate. It was designed in wordpress, using zombaio as payment processor and magic members plug-in to restrict access to paid content (and manage memberships). Zombaio disappeared from the face of the earth (so I need to be set up with a new payment processor). Also, functionality of wordpress and magic members is not functioning properly (can't upload files or add new posts, can't manually set members' access to override failed payment processing). All of this needs to be fixed and working properly. I'd also like to add functionality to accept crypto-currency (for a membership that expires after one month).

@Indie_hackers - I posted this as a reply to an old post elsewhere on IndieHackers that I had found on a web search (related to upWork and fiverr). This Group seems like the right place for it (I'm not spamming, it won't be reposted anywhere else on your site)

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